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Glossary - M

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  • Magnetostrictive Effect
    Sonar sound waves are made by passing electrical current through coils wrapped around iron bars with flat faces. The bars expand or contract and make the sound waves.
  • Masking Tape
    Thick rolls with one sticky side out and used to clean lint off dress blues.
  • Master at Arms
    The ship's official police officer, usually a bos'n mate.
  • McNamaraís lace
    The fancy rope work used to decorate an admiralís barge or captainís gig.
  • MEA
    Meals Ready To Eat. Three lies in four words.
  • Mess-cook
    A "privileged" term reserved for seamen and firemen new to the ship. It usually lasted only for a month or two unless the recipient earned extra time through various means.
  • Mid Rats
    A snack served at the mess decks before the mid watch while underway.
  • Midwatch
    The "worst watch" which was from midnight till 0400 and for which you were usually allocated an extra hour of sleep in the morning.
  • MK-1A (Mark One Able)
    Electro-mechanical (analog) computer. The "father" of all modern fire-control computers. Used aboard virtually every U.S. Navy destroyer, cruiser, and battleship of World War Two.
  • MK-1A
    Another definition, usually the "designation" of any "first-time" equipment newly introduced into use by the U.S. Navy.
  • Marlinspikes
    Metal fids.
  • Mickey Mouse
    Chicken shit. Make-work or other onerous and unnecessary duties to keep swabbies busy and out of trouble.
  • Monkey's Fist
    A rounded knob at the end of a light throwing line which the Boatswain's mates would use to heave the first line across to another ship or pier. The Monkey's Fist had a lead weight in the center to give it extra momentum when the bosun's mate aimed it at some unwary seaman in the target area.
  • Most Skosh
    In just a little while.
  • Mustang
    An officer that came up from enlisted rank.
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