USS Massey
DD 778 (Sumner class)

contributed by: Richard Tausz

Builder:         Todd Shipyards, Seattle
Laid Down:  	 January 14, 1944
Launched:        August 19, 1944
Commissioned:  	 November 24, 1944
Decommissioned:  1969 (?)
Fate:            Stricken 9/17/73; Sold 11/13/74 and broken up. 

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On your homepage for the Massey, you list decommission as: "1969(?)"

I was stationed aboard the Massey from December 1968 till early summer 1970.

Here's a brief history of her status during that time:

When I reported to the Massey at Newport (her homeport), the Massey was part of CRUDESLANT (Cruiser-Destroyer Force, Atlantic). In May 1969 we left Newport for the Med, where we joined the Sixth Fleet, with an intended return in November. In early October 1969, however, we returned to Newport on orders that included an eventual change in status from fleet destroyer to USNR training ship, along with a sister ship whose name I forget. Over a period of a few months, crew was reduced from fleet-ready to a skeleton crew. Initially, plans were to move Massey's homeport to Ft. Schuyler in the Bronx, but it was determined that the Ft. Schuyler's berths were too shallow to accommodate the Massey. So, before the official changeover, the Massey's new homeport was changed to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. I was transferred to the Brooklyn Receiving station across the street from the Navy Yard at the beginning of summer 1970, and I received my DD214 in early September 1970. At that time, the Massey was still in Navy service.

I don't know when she was decommissioned, but it definitely was after 1970.

Martin Shenman
New Paltz, NY

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