USS Beatty
DD 756 (Sumner Class)

contributed by: Lenny Aiello [1957-58]

Builder:        Bethlehem Steel, Staten Is. 
Laid Down:      July 4, 1944
Launched:       November 30, 1944
Commissioned:   March 31, 1945
Decommissioned: July 14, 1972
Fate:           To Venezuela July 14, 1972. 
                (Photo contributed by Carlos Hernandez)
                Renamed Carabobo; scraped in 1981.

We are seeking information on the USS Beatty and her crews. Files and photos may be E-mailed to us and we will incorporate them into this page. When enough information has been assembled we will then build the ship her own section.

The E-Mail:



I was the last Chief Engineer on the Frank Beatty (DD-756). She was a reserve training destroyer home-ported in Tampa, Florida and we often ran around to Jacksonville to pick up our reserve crew and go chase submarines in the operations area off Jax.

Her last Captain was CDR William Henry Goforth, who went on to command the reserve training centers in Baltimore and Kansas City before he died of a heart attack in his sleep. The last XO was LCDR Elroy Soluri, last known residing in Crofton, Maryland. The last Ops Boss was LT William N.L. Robertson, last known in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The Weapons Boss was LT William Shower, no address and after him LT Brand. My DCA was ENS Carl Fibkins and the First LT was ENS Aikens.

My Master Chief Machinist Mate was Chief Cole. Boiler Chief Brown and Chief Electrician was Chief Ziroli (who worked wonders!) First Class leaders were SF1 Stark, MM1 Greer, and MM1 Billy Robinson, one of the very few who was advanced under ADM Zumwalt's Meritorious Advancement Program. I'm proud to have written the letter of recommendation.

The CO before Goforth was CDR Stanley W Jones, and his XO was LCDR Bloise. There was a night-and-day difference between Jones/Bloise and Goforth/Soluri. Jones had 93 Captain's Masts in his last year. Goforth had three, but they really stung. Otherwise, the ship was a lot happier under Goforth, and we actually performed a dock-side overhaul of the ship, including replacing the high-pressure air compressor with our SAMAR crew over a weekend. We actually ran out of things to fix and the ship ran like a top. We even passed our arrival inspection at GITMO (then what do you do?)

There is a lot to remember about the Beatty -- The Galloping Ghost of the Florida Coast -- but I hope this helps.

Warmest regards,

W. C. (Pete) Peterson
Former Chief Engineer, USS Beatty (DD-756)
Severna Park, Maryland, USA

Hello Mark:

My name is E. S. Burrow, Jr. I am trying to locate a ship-mate, His last name is Mitchell. He and his brother served on the same ship during September, 1949. They are Native Americans. He and I were Radio Strikers. We were on a cruse to Vericruse Mexico.

Also, can you give me the name of the ship's Commanding Officer... he was a Commander and the Educational Officer Lt. King. I should like to contact either on of the gentlemen.

Can you give me a lead?

Thank you.

Elder S. Burrow, Jr.

contributed by: Jim Langenbach [IC3, 1966-68]
Malta 1967

contributed by: Jim Langenbach [IC3, 1966-68]
Skip, Davy & Chico

More Photo's:

Photo 006 Chile 1957: USS Beatty 756, USS Purdy 734, USS Bristol 857, and USS Hyman 732. Mark, I have a couple neat items from cruises in 1957. I converted them into a PDF file if you are interested in posting or viewing them. Let me know. Best regards, Larry Robinson

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