Farragut DD Class

The Farragut ( DD ) Class

The Farragut class opened a new design phase for american destroyers. The four-stacker type was replaced with a decidedly more modern approach.

Three of the eight ships in the class were lost in World War Two; the Worden grounded at Amchitka, and Hull and Managhan were lost to a typhoon.

Displacement:  1,395 tons - Farragut - (2,335 tons full load)
               1,345        Dewey
               1,375        Aylwin
               1,410        Worden (Class standard)
Length:        341 feet 3 inches
Beam:          34 feet 3 inches
Draught:       8 feet 10 inches
Machinery:     Two Bethlehem Yarrow boilers   - foreward fireroom
               Two Babcock and Wilcox boilers - after fireroom
               two shaft geared turbines
Performance:   42,800 shp for 36.5 knots
Bunkerage:     400 tons
Range:         5,800 nautical miles at 15 knots
Guns:          five 5 inch; four .5 inch MG
Torpedoes:     eight 21 inch