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The Coontz DDG ( DLG ) Class

"Birds Away"
Photographer Unknown
submitted by: Jim Plummer

The Destroyer Leader ( DLG ) class is more comparable in size to a World War II cruiser than a destroyer. Originally termed a "Frigate" by the US Navy, contrary to other navies for which the term Frigate was reserved for a standard "destroyer sized" ship which specialized in ASW, the DLG class was designed as a fast-carrier task group AAW defense ship and succeeded the DL class which was not missile armed. The DLG class consisted of only ten ships all of which were later redesignated DDGs.

Ships by Hull Number
Alphabetical Listing
  1. DDG 37 Farragut (DLG 6)
  2. DDG 38 Luce (DLG 7)
  3. DDG 39 Macdonough (DLG 8)
  4. DDG 40 Coontz (DLG 9)
  5. DDG 41 King (DLG 10)
  6. DDG 42 Mahan (DLG 11)
  7. DDG 43 Dahlgren (DLG 12)
  8. DDG 44 William V. Pratt (DLG 13)
  9. DDG 45 Dewey (DLG 14)
  10. DDG 46 Preble (DLG15)

courtesey of Douglas H. Cable
Douglas H. Cable
Subject: USS Valdez
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001
From: Douglas Cable
Rate: STG2
Reported: 1974
Departed: 1977

Hi Mark,

I am a Plank Owner of the USS Valdez (DE/FF-1096).

I was attached to the neucleus crew in March of 1974. I have a wealth of photos from the ship's first two deployments to the Mid East and Med. I was the "official" ships photographer. We had a very active photo club onboard and even had a darkroom. Here is a photo of the USS William V. Pratt that I took during underway ops in the Atlantic on route to Rota, Spain. I don't know who in the Coontz class to send this to so I thought that you might be able to forward this photo.


Douglas H. Cable, Owner
D. H. Cable & Associates, Pipe Organ Craftsmen

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