Bronstein Class

The Bronstein (DE/FF) Class The Bronstein Ocean escort was a response to the development of high speed nuclear submarines in the late 1950s. The class consisted of only two ships and they were radically different from previous US DEs (like other classes about this time these DEs were later redesignated as Frigates) in that they […]

Bristol Class

The Bristol ( DD ) Class The Bristol class was not originally intended to be, but due to the international situation in 1939 the navy could not wait for the design and construction process of the Fletcher class. Therefore the basic design of the Benson/Gleaves class was implemented in the construction of the Bristol class. […]

Benson Class

The Benson ( DD ) Class This class was intended to be an improved version of the Sims class with two stacks, and a alternating machinery space layout. The Benson class destroyer was the backbone of the pre-war Neutrality Patrols and brought the action to the enemy by participating in every major campaign of the […]

Benham Class

The Benham ( DD ) Class Displacement: 1,637 tons (2,286 tons full load) Length: 340 feet 9 inches Beam: 35 feet 6 inches Draught: 12 feet 10 inches Machinery: Three Babcock and Wilcox boilers; 2-shaft Westinghouse geared turbines Performance: 50,000 shp for 38.5 knots Bunkerage: 484 tons Range: 6,500 nautical miles at 12 knots Guns: […]

Bainbridge Class

The Bainbridge ( DD ) Class Ships by Hull Number DD 1 Bainbridge DD 2 Barry DD 3 Chauncey DD 4 Dale DD 5 Decatur DD 10 Paul Jones DD 11 Perry DD 12 Preble DD 13 Stewart Alphabetical Listing Bainbridge DD 1 Barry DD 2 Chauncey DD 3 Dale DD 4 Decatur DD 5 […]

Bagley Class

The Bagley ( DD ) Class Displacement: 2,245 tons (full load) Length: 341 feet, 4 inches Beam: 35 feet, 6 inches Draught: 12 feet, 10 inches Machinery: General Electric Geared Turbines Performance: 49,000 shp for 38.5 knots Bunkerage: 504 tons Range: 6,500 nautical miles at 12 knots Guns: four 5 inch; four .5 inch MG […]


The Organizations Welcome to the new “Organizations” page on DOL. This page is new and very incomplete. If you know of the URL’s or names of any organization not yet on this list please drop us a line. Organizations and AssociationsDestroyer Escort Sailors Association Disabled American Veterans National Sonar Association National Maritime Museum Association The Subcommittee […]

A.M Sumner Class

The Allen M. Sumner ( DD ) Class The Sumner class carried over many internal engineering aspects of the previous Fletcher-class destroyers. Improvements over the previous class included adding twin rudders for better maneuverability during ASW work, more firepower, and an additional 14″ of beam for stability. The Sumner’s were also the first US Navy […]

All Ships List

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