USS Norman Scott
DD 690 (Fletcher class)

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Builder:         Bath Iron Works, Bath ME.
Laid Down:  	 April 26, 1943
Launched:        August 28, 1943
Commissioned:  	 November 5, 1943
Decommissioned:  April 30, 1946
Fate:            Stricken 04/15/73; 
                 Scrap 12/03/73

We are seeking information on the USS Norman Scott and her crews. Files and photos may be E-mailed to us and we will incorporate them into these pages.

The E-mail:



Iím Barry Sells, my Father Arnold A. Sells was on the USS Norman Scott - 690, in fact he was a gunner on the 40mm aft guns (under the 5 inch guns & next to the depth charges). He was a Seaman 1st Class and the Editor of the Norman Scott Gazette. Dad is still with us but his health has failed somewhat. The awesome thing though is that we (my brother & I) just went through clearing his home after all these years and we found all his old Navy items. Some of the most treasured are what Iíve attached Ė the communiquťís that he saved along with some copies of the Scott Gazette and some other documents. Iím not sure what Weíll do with all these documents, as they are of historical value, not only to your web site, but something to be shared with the public. Some of the dispatches from Nimitz are awesome! Once Iíve gone through everything, Iíll share all I can with you if youíre interested. I know it will add immeasurably to your site.

While I wasnít in the Navy, I did serve proudly in the U.S. Army from 1978 through 1994 as a Tank Platoon Sergeant and am a retired Staff Sergeant. Through the years Dad has never discussed his time onboard the USS Norman Scott, until this past month, when the two of us opened up and shared some wonderful moments about war and the horror of it. What amazes me each day, is that no matter what war, (mine was Desert Storm) once experienced, we all share a common bond, a common understanding of what hell is. Dad and I became closer after sharing what we experienced, and so I encourage all of you to open up, and share some of the horror and sacrifice that youíve been unable to erase from your memory, for it can be a good experience to share and to know that you donít carry your burdenís alone.

I submit this information respectfully for inclusion in your site and ask that Arnold A. Sells S1C be added to your rolls.

Thank You,

Barry Sells


My uncle Henry (Bud) Lohmann was on board and I have a photo album of pictures. If any one needs more pictures let me know.

Mark McAcy


Sorry, don't have a digital photo of my dad to attach here. His name is Bud Burris and he is living with his wife in Sun City, California. He has a nice model of the Norman Scott and brought his seven kids up knowing all about his experience aboard. Dad served aboard Norman Scott from the time she was commissioned until Tinian Island. My mom worked at the Mare Island ship yard where the Norman Scott was repaired.

Buds' Son

May 7, 2005:

My cousin whom died last year served on the USS NOrman Scott I believe as a Gunners Mate and he was wounded off Tinian when the japs hit his gun turret in the battle. His name was ROBERT PRICE COONS do not have any photos.

Thank You,

William D. Coons

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Contributed by: Wayne VanDerVoort

More Photo's:

Photo 002 Battle Damage Contributed by: George Partis

Photo 003 Battle Damage Contributed by: George Partis

Photo 004 Ships Patch Contributed by: Wayne VanDerVoort

Photo 005 Ships Track Contributed by: Mark McAcy

Photo 006 Nimitz Dispatch Contributed by: Barry Sells

Photo 007 Picture of the a list of ships in Task Force 58.4 during WW II. Contributed by: Wayne VanDerVoort

Photo 009 Commanding Officer Contributed by: Wayne VanDerVoort

Photo 010 May, 1972: In mothballs at Mare Island Contributed by: Wayne VanDerVoort

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