USS Spence
DD 512 (Fletcher class)

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Builder:         Bath Iron Works
Laid Down:  	 May 18, 1942
Launched:        October 27, 1942
Commissioned:  	 January 8, 1943
Fate:            Foundered in Typhoon east 
                 of Samar December 18, 1944; 
                 23 survivors

We are seeking information on the USS Spence and her crews. Files and photos may be E-mailed to us and we will incorporate them into these pages.

The E-mail:

Subject: Spence
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2004
From: Shannon Harris

Hi Mark,

My name is Shannon Harris and I have been doing research on my family's genealogy and I am trying to find information on my Great Uncle's Ship that was lost at sea. The name of the ship is the U.S.S. Spence. I am trying to find any surviving members from that ship that would know of my Great Uncle. I have searched some of the web and have found stories of the ship and how it went down, which is great information for my tree. I would like to find some information on my Great Uncle, if there is anyone who remembers him, who worked with him. From my families understanding he was not suppose to be on the ship, there was a crewman who couldn't be on the ship so my uncle took his place(just a family story). I was wondering if there was any others in the navy who worked with him previous. Basically you get my point. I am just trying to find any information on him.

Thanks for your time in reading this. I would love to be able to add any information that I can to your website that i can when i find more info out. If you would like that. My Great Uncle's name is Burnis Williamson and he was considered lost at sea on Dec. 17 1944. I hope that you have a wonderful day.


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On the Site, it states there were 23 survivors. Actually, there were 24 survivors, 23 enlisted and 1 officer. My father is one of them. I have attached a photo with my father in it (top row, 3rd from right). It was taken on 20 December 1944. I shows 14 survivors of the 24 that were picked up by and on board the USS Tabor. Thanks for the work everyone does to keep naval history alive. Jim Felty

DD-439, DD 501, DD 512, DD 511 @ Norfolk, 1943

More Photo's of USS Spence at the Naval Historical Center

Many Thanks to NavSource

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