USS Macdonough
DD 331 (Clemson Class)

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Builder:        Bethlehem Steel, San Francisco (Union Iron Works)
Laid Down:      May 24, 1920
Launched:       December 15, 1920
Commissioned:   April 30, 1921
Decommissioned: January 8, 1930
Fate:           Sticken July 8, 1930

The Clemson Class as Constructed

Displacement:  1,190 tons (1,308 tons full load)
Length:        314 feet 4 inches
Beam:          30 feet 10 inches
Draught:       9 feet 10 inches
Performance:   27,000 shp for 35 knots
Bunkerage:     375 tons
Range:         2,500 nautical miles at 20 knots
Guns:          four 4 inch; one 3 inch
Torpedoes:     twelve 21 inch

USS MACDONOUGH (DD-331) was a CLEMSON class destroyer named after Commodore Thomas Macdonough, the victor at the Battle of Lake Champlain. DD-331 was the second ship of the fleet to bear the name.

MACDONOUGH was built by Bethlehem Shipbuilding of San Francisco, California. Her keel was laid May 24, 1920 and was launched December 12, 1920. At her launching she was sponsored by Mrs. Charles W. Dabney, great-granddaughter of Commodore Macdonough. She was placed in commission at Mare Island Navy Yard, California on April 26, 1921.

Complement: 89 men and 6 officers

MACDONOUGH was one of the ubiquitous 'Four Pipers' designed for convoy service during World War I. Although built after the end of hostilities she served ably in the postwar peacetime navy.

MACDONOUGH was based in San Diego for her entire Navy service, making frequent cruises to Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Hawiian Islands. In 1925 MACDONOUGH joined a Pacific Fleet battlegroup for a goodwill cruise to Australia and New Zealand.

She was decommissioned on January 8, 1930. Her name lived on in the fleet with the commissioning of the third MACDONOUGH (DD-351) in 1935.

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