USS John D. Ford
DD 228 (Clemson Class)

This is a picture of the USS John D. Ford. My grandfather, John Kamloska
would have taken this picture. He was in the Navy from March 1924 to January 1930.
Dawn Taylor

Builder:        Cramp, Philadelphia
Laid Down:      November 11, 1919
Launched:       September 2, 1920
Commissioned:  	December 30, 1920
Decommissioned: November 2, 1945
Fate:           Sold 9/30/47 and broken up

We are seeking information on the USS John D. Ford and her crews. Files and photos may be E-mailed to us and we will incorporate them into these pages.

The E-mail:

Subject: DD 228 John D Ford
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004
From: George Peat

Sir,I am about to start on a 1/72nd scale Radio control model of the USS John D Ford as she was when first commissioned and there is one part which is unclear on the drawings and photographs that I have of her and that is concerning the signal lights on the fore mast. What colour are these lights?

Thank you,

George Peat
BEM [Secretary TF72/UK]
31, Mc Neill Terrace,
Midlothian EH20-9JU
tele 0131-448-2657
Fax 0131-440-1939

    Hi George,

    I'm stumped. I suspect if it is a masthead light, those are always white.

    Fair winds,

    Mark Roberts
    Destroyers Online

Mark, These are the signal lights on the yard arm of the foremast that I was meaning. Mast head lights I know are white/clear, I suspect that they will also be clear.

Some of the member of destroyers on line may know for certain


George Peat
BEM [Secretary TF72/UK]
31, Mc Neill Terrace,
Midlothian EH20-9JU
tele 0131-448-2657
Fax 0131-440-1939

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Happened to stumble across your website while looking for information about a Destroyer my dad served on in the South Pacific sometime during 1936-1939.

My brother recently sent me a photo of the of the ship from somewhere. I am trying to get more information from him. Apparently he has one photo with the crews names on the reverse (he didn't sent that info. yet.)

Our father, Kenneth A. Peyton, is apparently along the top rail, in the middle, the one with black gloves on the rail.

Sincerely, Ron Peyton

  Pete Vallet
Exececutive officer (left) and Dr. Gage

More Photo's:

Photo 002 John Ashton & Pete Vallet, 1944

Photo 003 Officers (in Dry-Dock)

Photo 004 Personnel inspection, Deck Div (June, 1945)

Photo 005 Captain & Exec (in Dry-Dock)

Photo 006 Captain Patterson & Officers, 1945

Photo 007 Engineers (1944-45): Vallet, Trumbo, Carleo, McAfee, Mate, Avery & Cox

Photo 009 Supplies and Pay . . . . .

Photo 010 Shellback initiation: "King Neptune" and the "Queen"!

Photo 011 Personnel inspection (June, 1945)

Photo 012 Personnel inspection, Gunnery Div (June, 1945)

Photo 013 Shellback initiation: Looks like the garbage run . . .

Photo 014 Shellback initiation: Officer Stello

Photo 015 Shellback initiation: Haircuts (?) for the Wogs

Photo 016 Shellback initiation: (Looks like the Court)

Photo 017 Officer Albert Stello, Gunnery, 1944

Photo 018 George Sturm (left) and Pete Vallet

Photo 019 Captain Watkins and the Officers, 1944

Photo 020 Personnel inspection, Communications Div (June, 1945)

Photo 022 Dry-Dock: Sonar destroyed by seas

Photo 023 USS John D. Ford, 1944

Photo 025 Herman Deiters & shipmates, at stern of ship. Contributed by: Herman L. Deiters

Photo 026 Bridge Contributed by: Herman L. Deiters

Many Thanks to Pete Vallet
Engineering, USS John D. Ford (DD 228)

  Pete Vallet

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