USS Joseph K. Taussig
DE 1030 (Dealey class)

 Courtesy of Navsource
Courtesy of Navsource

Builder:         New York SB& DD Co.,Camden NJ 
Laid Down:  	 January 3, 1956
Launched:        March 9, 1957
Commissioned:  	 September 10, 1957
Decommissioned:  July 1, 1972
Fate:            Stricken 7/01/72; 
                 Sold (06/73) & scrapped

We are seeking information on the USS Joseph K. Taussig and her crews. Files and photos may be E-mailed to us and we will incorporate them into these pages.

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Hello Mark,

Must have been the kind of day I had, looking at my bills, having to pay them, preparing for winter, wondering if I do need a new snow thrower (procrastinating) . . .decisions, decisions, decisions . . . drives you "batty" sometimes. Inasmuch as when I was in the Navy, I wasn't being paid to think, it has always been sort of a "rush" being on my own. Thank goodness I have a beautiful wife and great son, otherwise I'd probably be up the creek without a paddle. (figure of speech)

Thinking about that collision on the "pea soupy" (foggy night/early morning) date, best I can remember about it was the list the ship took, not once but twice and me hitting my head against a patch panel. I remember running out to the weather deck outside the radio room and all I could see in front of me was this huge ship. It surely was a memory I never forgot. The gash down the side of the ship was just about where the Radiomen slept. If I recall, looking at it, the gash was just a hair above the bunks, looked like someone got a can opener and just went down the side of the bow with it. (not sure how many feet)

The memories still exist about the Skeleton Crew Detail aboard the Taussig when the ship was turned into a Training Ship for roughly a year. Tough duty when you come to think of it, a Radio Room consisting of two Radiomen when normally it has a dozen or so Radiomen . . . .long hours, port and starboard, wore on me personally.

Frank Hendricks, RM2

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Subject: Joseph K. Taussig (DE-1030)
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003
From: Al (?)

Served on Taussig for about 1 1/2 years before transfer to Enterprise (CVN-65).

We experienced a near capsizing in dense fog in Newport (R.I.) harbor when struck on port side forward by a Shell Oil Company tanker that was "speeding" into port and on the wrong side of the shipping channel. Had it not been for the OD at the time giving the correct emergency back full and full rudder order we may very well have "gone over". We took water over the starboard side and down the hatch into the engine room (all hatches were open that night). Guys on watch in engine room said later that it looked like the old submarine movies where they dive before the hatch was secured!!

Just an interesting bit of ship's history. Damage was minimal and fixed in port by shipyard personnel and ship's company shipfitters (interior piping damage in forward berthing area).


AL (former Machinist Mate)

Many Thanks to NavSource

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