USS McCormick
DD 223 (Clemson Class)

contributed by S. Onody

Builder:        Cramp Shipyard
Laid Down:      August 11, 1919
Launched:       January 22, 1920
Commissioned:   August 16, 1920
Decommissioned: October 14, 1938
Recommissioned: September 26, 1939
Decommissioned: October 4, 1945
Fate:           Sold 12/15/46 and broken 
                up for scrap

We are seeking information on the USS McCormick and her crews. Files and photos may be emailed to us and we will incorporate them into this page. When enough information has been assembled we will then build the ship her own section.

The Clemson Class as Constructed

Displacement:  1,190 tons (1,308 tons full load)
Length:        314 feet 4 inches
Beam:          30 feet 10 inches
Draught:       9 feet 10 inches
Performance:   27,000 shp for 35 knots
Bunkerage:     375 tons
Range:         2,500 nautical miles at 20 knots
Guns:          four 4 inch; one 3 inch
Torpedoes:     twelve 21 inch

The E-mail:


Am not sure if this could be added to the history of USS McCormick. My late grandfather, who was serving aboard her, just prior to WWII, she had intercepted a couple German freighters leaving a Mexican port and sunk both German freighters, even though, US was not at war with Germany at the time.

The reason for sinking the German freighters, a British cruiser was unable to arrive on scene in time, to sink them, therefore, the USS McCormick was order to sink both German freighters.

My Grandfather told me, as the survivors of the German freighters tried to approach the USS McCormick, via lifeboats, the McCormick back off, to keep from being identified as an US warship. Somewhere, I did check into this and was able to determine that this did happen on a website that listed day by day events which involved US warships.

I am not sure if this is correct, but I think the USS McCormick was torpedoed by a German submarine during convoy duty either to/from Russia. My grandfather was almost blinded by this incident but, unfortunately, as a young man (me), I had failed to ask him, if indeed, this was the McCormick or another destroyer that he may had served on. His name was Louis Bryan Henson.

The USS McCormick was the only destroyer that he had served on prior to and during the early part of WWII. I have been unable to find out whether the USS McCormick was indeed torpedoed or not. I wish I could find out just for my own knowledge, and the date it had occurred.

Have a Good Day there and do appreciate your hard work, to build & maintain website to help convey the history of our past.


Dan Whatley

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