USS Varian
DE 798 (Buckley Class)


Builder:        Consolidated Shipbuilding, Orange Texas
Laid Down:      August 27, 1943
Launched:       November 6, 1943
Commissioned:   February 29, 1944
Fate:           Stricken December 1, 1972

We are seeking information on the USS Varian and her crews. Files and photos may be emailed to us and we will incorporate them into this page. When enough information has been assembled we will then build the ship her own section.


You may be interested to know that Leonard Myhre, my father, who was the LT. Cmrd of the USS Varian died in Seattle, Wa. USA on June 8, 2006. He became good friends of the Captain of the U-546, Paul Just, years after the war and traveled with he and his wife and my mother in Germany and the US. The USS Varian was instumental in the sinking of the U-546 and transported the survivors back to port. Paul Just and my Dad also attended a reunion of the survivors of the Frederick C Davis which was sunk by the U-546.

Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997
Subject: USS Varian DE 798

Hello there,

My name is Steve Siculan and I live in Chicago. During WWII my grandfather, Earle D. Stevenson, was serving in the navy on the USS Varian. I know he was on board when the German U 805 was captured, but I know little else about the type of missions in which the Varian was involved. My grandfather passed away in 1988 and the records of his naval career are somewhat non-existant. My grandmother is incapacitated in a nursing home and is unable to remember anything with any clarity. My family knows the name of his ship, but little else. Any help in this matter would be very generous of you and will help solve a little family mystery.

Gratefully yours,

Steve Siculan

Many Thanks to NavSource

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