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Glossary - B

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  • Baby Cruiser
    A World War Two term for a sailor whose enlistment ends at age 21.
  • Baffles
    An area from 170 degrees to 190 degrees where the screw noise is so great that the sonar can't see any target in that area. Best place for a sub to attack a lone destroyer.
  • Banned Places, List of
    List posted of out of bounds establishments. List of must-visit places.
  • Bathythermograph
    A brass torpedo-shaped device measuring about 36 inches long by four inches wide that sonarmen lowered from a boom on the fantail (in all kinds of weather). The temperature versus depth was etched on a smoked glass slide. This data was used to calculate sonar ranges and was done every watch.
  • Battle Lantern
    A flashlight.
  • Beautiful Reflections
    Only beat by patent leather shoe, which was illegal.
  • Belay
    Cancel what was said or an action to take place (as in "Belay that order").
  • Belly Robber
    The Cook.
  • Below Decks
    Below the main deck.
  • Bird-farm
    An aircraft carrier.
  • Bird's Away
    Term used when you fire a missile.
  • Black Gang
    Members of the ship’s Engineering Department.
  • Black Shoe
    Any sailor who does not serve in an aviation billet.
  • Blow Down and Back Suction
    When receiving fuel underway, this must be down to prevent a cloud of oil left in the hose from spraying all over your ship when the hose is disconnected on your end.
  • Blowing tubes
    Venting stack gas and scale from the ship’s boilers while under way. Snipes have an uncanny ability to perform this function just after topside areas have been freshly painted.
  • Boat Anchor
    Any 8088.
  • Boat
    Any vessel capable of being carried on board a ship. What submariners would get mad over if their sub (larger in most cases than the destroyer) was called.
  • Boats
    Nickname for any leading Bos'n mates.
  • Boatswain's Chair
    A single flat seat of plank and ropes which a man sits upon and is lowered over the side for painting or inspection (also called "botsin's chair").
  • Bogey
    An unidentified flying object.
  • Boondockers
    Heavy work shoe issued in boot camp and which lasted forever.
  • Boot Topping
    Where the haze gray sides meet the black paint of the hull, usually just above the waterline. The vertical distance from the top of the boottopping to the top of the foretruck was contained in a publication and used as a means of determining the range to adjacent ships with a stadimeter.
  • Bos'n Locker
    Where the bos'ns hang out. Usually the old salts of the ship, who are the only ones who know how to tie knots and splice lines (ropes) and ropes (cables) with fids and marlinspikes.
  • Botsin's Chair
    A single flat seat of plank and ropes which a man sits upon and is lowered over the side for painting or inspection (also called "boatswain's chair").
  • Bow
    The pointy end of the boat.
  • Brassnucks
    What you kep at the 'Y' in your civies and carried on liberty.
  • Brasso
    What sailors used to polish their belt buckles.
  • Bravo Zulu
    The traditional signal sent to an individual, crew, or ship for a task completed "well done".
  • Brightwork
    Anything Brass.
  • Brow
    The railed platform the ship carries onboard to use between ships or the pier to walk on and off (as in "Take in the brow.").
  • Brown Shoe
    Any sailor who serves in an aviation billet, even if not a CPO or officer.
  • Bubblehead
    Any crewmember of a "target".
  • Bug Juice
  • Bulkhead
    Term meaning a wall on the inside of a ship Deck-term for the floor on the inside of a ship
  • Bull Ensign
    The senior ensign on the ship.
  • Bullnose
    An opening at the very tip of the bow through which lines for typing up to a dock were laid. When in heavy seas and the bow buried itself itself in green water, the bullnose would produce remarkable jets of water.
  • Burma Road
    On British "tin-cans", an interior passageway that runs fore and aft almost the entire length of the ship.
  • Butt Kit
    An ashtray usually made out of a 3 or 5 inch brass shell casing.
  • Butterfly
    A sailor's term for a bar girl who hangs around with other guys while you are there to see HER. She comes back occasionally to sit with you.
  • Butterfly Boy
    Japanese bar-girl term for a sailor with many "girlfriends".
  • Button front
    The front flap of the Dress Blues, which were fastened by thirteen buttons (one for each original colony).
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