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Subject: USS Blakeley (DE-1072)
Date: 8/11/08
From: Harold Erb Sr
Rank: ICC?
Reported: 1970
Departed: 1971

My name is Harold Erb Sr., and I would like to say that the Blakely was a short 1 year stop for me between IC"B"/IC"C" schools and shore duty. But I was on her during a very good period. I reported on board 30 Nov. 1970 and left on 12 Nov. 1971, I seen the installation of the missile system, the test of it, and made the North Atlantic cruise.

I enjoyed every minute of my time on board her, and everyone on board. I checked out the pictures posted and all the faces from then were familiar including yours. I made Chief on shore duty, then went to the Seattle AOE-3, and then The Vulcan AR-5. I retired in June 1978, while on the Vulcan. The Blakely was a ship that I could have enjoyed spending more time on board. Best of luck to all that served on her.

ICC Harold E. Erb Sr.
USN, Ret.

Subject: USS Blakeley (FF-1072)
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001
From: Bill Scott, Jr.
Rank: OS3
Reported: 1990
Departed: 1991

The Blakely was a great ship, I miss her and the crew. Went to the USS F ARHION FFG-22 in 1992.

OS1 Styles (Trojan Man), OS3 Baer (Warhoot)and I had some good times in the Blakely's CIC. San Juan, PR, Charleston, SC, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, New Orleans, Panama Canal, Roosevelt Roads.

Subject: USS Blakeley (FF-1072)
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001
From: John Campbell
Rank: OS2
Reported: April 1983
Departed: April 1987


Would like to say hi to all the crazy mates aboard the USS BLAKELY. Cruising the Carribbean showing the flag in Freeport, Nassau, Aruba, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Honduras, and Roosey Roads at the Navy's expense was my kind of life.

Would like those shipmates to contact me so we can laugh and share some great stories.


Subject: USS Blakeley (DE-1072)
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001
From: John Pasewald
Rank: HM2
Reported: Sept 1972
Departed: Dec 1973

I'm not sure what kind of info you want. I was just looking around and this is where I ended up. I was the corpsman onboard for the Nam cruise. The Capt was Richard Stankowski and the Ex O was LCDR Knight. I bought a 1963 chevy wagon from him I have pictures but no scanner. I'll see what I can do if you want pics.

I would like to have a crew list of that time period if you have one.


Subject: USS Blakeley (FF-1072)
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001
From: Mark Osborne
Rank: E-4/TM3
Reported: 1979
Departed: 1982

Hi Shipmate,

I'm searching for other shipmates that served from the late 70's to the early 80's.

We have a web site loaded with old pics as well as recent pics of us today! Please contact me and come BACK aboard the "Virtual Blakely!" This time it's for life!

Subject: USS Blakeley (DE-1072)
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001
From: George Plowman
Rank: MM3
Reported: 1970
Departed: 1973

Mr. Roberts,

I served on the Blakely from 1970 to 1973. After twenty-seven years, I was curious as to what happened to her. While checking on the Internet I found out where she ended up. Being a Plankerowner I was wondering if any of the other commissioning crew might have contacted you.

Thank you for your time.

Subject: USS Blakeley (DE-1072)
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000
From: Bob Schmidt
Rank: STGC
Reported: 1970 Plank Owner
Departed: 1974

I reported to Blakeley precommisioning detail in New Orleans as a "Boot Chief." We had quite a group of CPOs. I'll never forget the night that we defended the not yet in commission Blakeley against a marauding sailboat in the gulf stream off Fort Pierce, FL. We subsequently sank the offending aforementioned boat, pulled the survivors out of the shark infested waters, loaded them on a Coast Guard helicopter, and tested the weight restrictions of our helicopter deck all in one memorable evening.

A famous Greek named Themistocles said " A fire at sea will ruin your day," a collision doesn't do a half bad job either.

Robert V. Schmidt

Subject: USS Blakeley (FF-1072)
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000
From: Dominic Appleton
Rank: MM1
Reported: 1975
Departed: 1980



Subject: USS Blakeley (DE-1072)
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000
From: LeeRoy A. Coats
Rank: BMC
Reported: 1970
Departed: 1973-4 (?)

I saw that you are looking for crew information. My dad was assigned to the Blakeley as part of the precommissioning/commissioning crew and I believe he served some 3 or 4 years on her until he retired. He was the CMA and his name was BMC LeeRoy A. Coats Jr.

Tell me what kind of information your are looking for and I will ask him for any help you need. He is now retired and living in Charleston, SC the homeport of the Blakeley. I myself went aboard for sea trials just before I joined the USAF and later the USN. I have not served as part of the Blakeley crew however. But I did know alot of the Chiefs who were part of the original crew.

The Blakeley is now tied up down the street from where I work and was next to my old ship when she was mothballed (USS LUCE DDG-38). I work not far from the Phila. Naval Shipyard

Subject: USS Blakeley (FF-1072)
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000
From: Stephen Teague

My name is Stephen Teague RM3, on board USS Blakely (FF-1072), 1978-80. Worked as an EW on the 1978 Med cruise, left ship in boston yards christmas 1979.

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