Parts for Sale

Ex-Uss Patterson is nudged to a dock at Baltimore Marine Industries for further dismantling.

The former-USS Patterson is now, or shortly will be, no more.

Normally, in years past many of the ships items would simply be discarded, melt-down; disposed of never to be seen of again.

Would the ships "Helm" make a fine addition to your "wet-bar" at home? Or how about something more portable: Sound-Powered phones, a mess-decks chair or the table it goes with? If you're a former OS, how about the PMP-Arms, or the VP-Plot board? If one was a QM, how about the ships sextant?

Or something that was in every working space - the coffee pots!

Now, for the first time at Destroyers Online, you can contact Baltimore Marine Industries and inquire about purchasing a "piece" of the ship. All inquiries should be addressed by E-mail to: Steve Turner or by phone at: (410) 477-7892.

When you purchase your items, drop us a line - or even a photo and we will "preserve" it on the site for all to see.

Mark Roberts

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