USS Connole
FF 1056 (Knox Class)

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Contributed by: Tim Carroll, (OS1 1979-82)

The ship proudly bears the name of Commander David R. Connole, whose Navy career ended when the submarine U.S.S. Trigger which he was commanding, was overdue from a war patrol near Nansie Shoto (Asiatic Theater) 21 April 1945, and was presumed lost. CDR Connole was awarded the Bronze Star, and the Presidential Unit Citation while attached to Trigger. He was also awarded the Silver Star Posthumously in 1946.

CDR David R. Connole
CDR David R. Connole

Authorized:       July 22, 1964
Builder:          Avondale Shipyard, New Orleans, LA
Laid Down:        March 23, 1967
Launched:         July 20, 1968
Delivery Date:    August 22, 1969
Commissioned:     August 30, 1969
Decommissioned:   August 30, 1992
Fate:             Greek Navy - Epiros
                  (Renewed Lease)

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Special message from the webmaster:

Like many ships of the Knox class, U.S.S. Connole was named in honor of one who gave their life in the service of their country.

On occasion, we do hear from family members of the ships namesake. With the U.S.S. Connole, it has been my special pleasure to work with Rick Connole in presenting much of the information presented in these pages. Rick had a wealth of information concerning the ship and, specifically, the de-commissioning booklet. Each of the Commanding Officer's had written a brief history of their tours aboard Connole for the de-commissioning booklet (which was presented to each attendee at the ceremony).

Now, for the first time at Destroyers Online, we are honored to present each of the Commanding Officer's and their testament to the challenges and joys of command. We have developed a special "Captain's 'Corner'" where each C.O. is listed. For the C.O.'s who are Online, we have special E-mail arrangements so that you may contact them directly.

Also, in addition to the de-commissioning booklet, Rick also had the last "Cruise Book." Not the typical Cruise Book in the sense of a "Med-Cruise," but rather, a book highlighting the last crew of U.S.S. Connole. Regrettably, I can't post everything that's in this book, but I continue to search for more room on our server to accomodate all of the wonderful photographs of the ship and crew.

All of us owe Rick a big debt of gratitude in sharing this story of a ship, the sailors who manned her, and the man in whose name U.S.S. Connole honorably carried forth in 23 years faithful service.

Mark Roberts

The Knox Class as Constructed

Displacement: 4,260 tons fully loaded.
Length:       438'        
Beam:         47'          
Draught:      16' (keel);  26' (Sonar dome)       
Machinery:    Two combustion Engineering boilers;               
              One  Westinghouse geared turbine; 35,000 shp;     
              1 shaft.   
Performance:  27 kts.  
Bunkerage:    200,000 gallons  
Range:        4,000 miles at 22 knots on 1 boiler.          
Guns:         1 FMC  5"   54 cal  Mk-42
Torpedoes:    MK 32  

Subject: Souda Bay, Crete
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003
From: Rick J. Bennett
Organization: USS Waddell DDG-24

I recently traveled to Souda Bay, Crete to attend the decommissioning of the HS Nearchos D-219 (former USS Waddell DDG-24). While in Souda Bay, I took a picture of the USS Connole FF-1056. Hope you enjoy!

Rick J. Bennett - President
USS Waddell DDG-24 Association
Charles F. Adams Class DDG Confederation

Courtesey of Keith McElroy
Submitted by: Keith McElroy

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