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I AM A PLANKOWNER ---- USS ALBERT DAVID DE-1050 can you tell me if you have had other Inquiries from Original Plankowners? I was onboard for the Commissioning in Bremerton. We were all stationed at Sands naval Air station for 9 months Prior to Commissioning. My first tour to Nam was Aboard the David. Some of us got transferred to the USS TURNER JOY DD 951

Santa Monica, Ca

    Hi Jeff and "ALL" AND: Thanks for your reply Mark.

    My name is Reg Benson . I was on the Commissioning crew in Bremerton David "DE" 1050. When was she re-classified to FF 1050 --------- N What's that about? When I was aboard she was DE -- "ASW" -- Anti Sub Warfare. HUGE sonar Dome that when the Bow came out of the water and SPLASHED down -(SHE DID THAT A "LOT") You were standing 2 FEET over from where you were. LITERALLY ! Jarred the whole SHIP.

    We lost one of our stabilizer's in the Puget sound THEY NEVER -- DAMN WELL-- WORKED ANYWAY ! I was MM3 ---- Just made MM2 , when I left her in the beginning of 69 for the USS TURNER JOY DD 951. Made One Tour to Nam on David 1968 Us - PlankOwners were all proud of Her. Mostly we were Chasing Bird Farms ------- Some was lobbing in those worthless 5 incher's with a Gyro System that was DOWN more than UP SO! ----------- They couldn't get an accurate shot "In Country" if there was a Big Red Barn with a Bulls Eye Painted on it with Spotters at 5000 Feet, with GridLine Coordinates. HOWEVER: She was a Mighty Fine Sight to see sitting in Hong Kong Harbor. The only Problem was "WE" (Machinist Mates --- Snipes) had to have the Boilers shut down -- Go dead in the water on Diesel power only --- while we Cracked OPEN the Main condenser to remove the plastic bags that were pumped in from the Harbor. NOW --That was "FUN" ! I know -- because I was inside the condenser taking shifts. We had to take breaks to crack the valves open to get cooler water into the condenser ----- let it drain into the Bilge just to finish cleaning out the plastic bags. She was 1200PSI Steam 960 degree F. Superheated. Just when we had to shut down --- EVERYTHING was still very HOT. Each one of us had about 5 minutes to work before the water in the condenser started steaming again. Funny how 200 plastic bags can COMPLETELY Screw Up Your day. We had all kinds of GREAT Experiences on the "David." ESPECIALLY: The First day we hit open water on Trials ------ SOMEONE "BLEW GUTS" into the captains battle helmet ----------- WE! -------------- ---- never did really ever hear the end of that one.

    I was especially PROUD of her, and of Albert David. I was from Chicago. I had been on board the U-505 German Boat that Albert David Captured when I was about 14 (Long before I ever thought of U S NAVY). It still sits in the Museum Of Science and Industry - Chicago. I was THERE - when they rolled the U-505 across Lake Michigan Drive --------- I saw it. AWESOME SIGHT ! REG

    PS: I would love to see some more Pics. I have one from Commissioning day I'll have to dig it out -- Shoot it with my digital, and get it on the Puter here. Soon as I do I'll post it.

Subject: Albert David FF 1050
Date: 11/12/05:

Does anyone in the crew remember the liberty port of Newport Oregon? Best couple of days the Albert David ever saw!

I was detailed to the navigation department in the months prior to the major over-hall of the AD in Long Beach. Then spent my "sea" tour in a dry dock ... well, almost all of it. Endured countless sea trials and re-fits for many more months. One time the green crew (following the major over hall) almost hit the range spotter while on gun exercises off the Cal coast. Scared the you know what out of her, that's a fact.

The AD during my time (1976 to 1978) was assigned with the USS Bronstein to that wonderful patch of the north pacific about 800+ miles due north of Pearl Harbor - for weeks at a time. Our mission? To deploy TASS and listen to the Soviet subs moving about smartly.

Cruising in circles at 5knts in the NorthPac in winter is quite exciting. Yeah right. It was either the Northpac or 32nd Street for us most of the time.

Good to see so many of the crew online. This way we can keep her sailing.

Fair winds and following seas mates,

QM3 Barton
USS Albert David

Subject: USS Albert David FF 1050
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003
From: David Oliver

I am looking for HMC Chapman that was aboard USS Albert David 71-72. He will know about OV-10 on 2-9-72. Or anyone that may know his whereabouts. Please contact

From:  Brad (BEAR) James

My best memories of my "Time Served" aboard the Albert David are the memories I have of the people I served time with. If you were on-board during that time and remember me, Please send an e-mail and say High ! I'm living in SpringHope, North Carolina

From:  David Haverty 

Been looking for away to get in touch with old friends of mine when i was on the Albert David.

From: Larry Creech

I had some very good times on the ship with some fine shipmates. I would really like to hear from my old buddies. I have been married 20 years and have a son and daughter. My son leaves August 10th for the navy, he is going nuke. I have been working in the maintenance department of a large pharmaceutical company for the last 16 years. (Boehringer Ingelheim) Thanks Lonnie for getting this site going again!


From: "Daniel []" A LT in the Brazilian Navy. 
Date: 01/30/01

Hi , about the "Para " ,(former USS Albert David) her number is D-27 she is with many problems in the boiler and she is stopped since April 1999, waiting repairs.
If you want another information ask me.

Date: 01/31/01
From Leon Danesi
hey yo whasssup this is Leon from Philly!!! anybody reading this email me back.

Date: 02/15/01From: Walter (Smitty) Smith
I am a plank owner on the Albert David FF1050. Serving on board from precom in San Diego until 1970. I left the ship as a SH3 but had passed the SH2 exam while on board. I worked in and ran the ships laundry and store. I still have the commissioning booklets and a few newspaper clippings from Bremerton Wash. As well as some photos of some crew members. If you would like any copies feel free to let me know.


Subject: crew member USS Albert David FF 1050
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999
From: Bob Humble


I just stumbled on to destroyers on line. it is great to see the old tin cans have not been forgotten. i was a boiler technician aboard the USS Albert David (FF-1050) from early 1981 to early 1987.during that time period ,she was homeported at 32nd st San Diego. She deployed on two additional west pacs. one in mid 1982 and again in late 1983. The second west pac we spent time in the persian gulf patrolling the radar picket line. On the route home, she pulled into pearl just long enough to take on stores and tigers,and get underway to navigate hurricane ewia. that was her last westpac prior to decomissioning,which i believe ocurred in late 1987 or 1988. When I reported to her, she was in desron 23 (little beavers). she later transfered to desron 13(black cats) there I believed she remained.

USN ( 1980-1990)


Subject: USS Albert David
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999
From: Walter Smith

Looking for shipmates. I served on board from pre-com in San Diego until 1970.

Walter Smith


Name: Ken Landry
Rank: OS3
Ship: USS Albert David DE-1050

I served aboard the Albert David from 1971 to 1973. I believe that I have cruise book from the 1971 West Pac. I am also looking for any other crewmembers out there. Thanks


Subject: USS ALBERT DAVID (DE-1050)
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998
From: Michael W. Moore


I was looking through the net tonight looking for some way to contact members of the original Albert David crew when I ran into your section. Just today, I was playing a tape I had made to my wife that dates back to December 1969 while we were on the gunline in Vietnam. I started thinking about some of the good times we had on that ship and where some of the guys ended up. I am in contact with 3 former crew members and would like to find 6 or 8 more. I also have our original Exec Officers address - Commander Bone.

I was on the orginal crew - put the ship into commission in 1968 in Bremerton, Washington put her through all the shake down cruises, etc. and then was part of the crew that took her to Vietnam (October 1969 to April 1970). We worked the gunline around Danang as well as spent time on Yankee Station (Tonkin Gulf) working with the carriers. We also were one of the last ships to pull the patrol between Taiwan and China.

I have pictures of the original ship if anyone is interested as well as a copy of the commissioning booklet.

I would certainly be interested in hearing from anyone associated with the David from 1968-1970.

Michael Moore


Subject: USS Albert David
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998
From: Kerry Joyce

The USS Albert David is named after Lt. Albert David a retired MMC who went back into the Navy for World War II, and was commissioned an officer David earned the Congressional Medal of Honor, when he led a boarding party onto the German U-Boat U-505, which was scuttled and set with explosives by her crew so as not to fall into enemy hands. The U-Boat was salvaged and contributed to cracking the code for military commmunications by the Germans. The U-505 is now on permanent exhibit in Chicago.

Actually Albert David was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously. He was originally given another medal, (the Navy Cross?) and notification that he had been given the Congressional Medal of Honor came after his death. In a car accident I believe. I served as a Signalman on the Albert David from January of 1977 to August of 1980, and I remember Jeff Arrington. He was one of the few snipes who would come up and get some fresh air on the signal bridge once in a while.

The ship was in the yards in Long Beach California from about March of '76 until March of 1977. It was then stationed at the 32nd St. Naval Station in San Diego.

The Albert David was part of Desron 23, which once had as its Commodore at one point one of the most legendary tin can sailor of all time, Arleigh (30 knot Burke) Other ships in the squadron then were the The Hull a DD-?, the Bronstein (FF-1037) The John Paul Jones (DDG 32) and the Schofield (FFG 3) The Hull was the only Destroyer at that time with an an 8" gun.

Anyway Desron 23 might have meant something administratively, but tactically it didn't. We rarely operated with the Hull. The Jones Bronstein and Schofield made Westpacs at the same time as us, but mostly we were always out with our fellow TASS ship, the Bronstein. There was one other ship with TASS at the time in the Pacific Fleet. I believe it was the USS Sample out of Pearl Harbor. There were also three East Coast Frigates equipped with TASS as well, but I don't know which. One of the East Coast Tass ships however made national headlines in the late 70's when a Russian sub deliberately rammed her. This event made national news but no mention of TASS made the reports, although I suspect the sub couldn't elude the Tass equipped ship and that's why it was rammed. There was also an espionage case in the late 70's or early 80's in which someone was trying to sell information about TASS technoloy to the Soviets.

All I knew about TASS was this. It was a long cable that extended off the back of the ship. It was a "passive sonar." It didn't send out a signal and wait for it to come back, it was more like a microphone. There was some way of analyzing the data collected to determine not only the presence of a sub but what kind it was based on the kind of noise it made.

While this long cable was in the water we could only go about 5 knots and spent a lot of time rocking and watching food trays slide on the floor. Also because we actually had a peace time function, gathering data on Soviet subs (or at least trying) the Albert David and the Bronstein hit very few liberty ports, and spent most of our time in shipyards like Subic Bay, Yokuska, and Sasebo. We made two Westpacs in this time and Australia? Forget it. We didn't even hit Hong Kong. On the first West Pac, April-October 1978 though the Albert David participated in the last joint US-Taiwanese military excercise, and was probably one of the very last US Navy ships to make a port call in Tawiwan.

On, the second West Pac (October 1979-May of 1980) all training excercises were scrapped, and we proceed directly to the Philippines because of the Iranian Hostage crisis. Now good old TASS, which kept us trawling for sub sqeaks on the high seas while everyone else seemed to be hitting Singapore or someplace, kept us out of the Persian Gulf. We spent a good amount of time in the Philippines while plenty of other ships spent over a hundred days straight in the Persian Gulf. On two Westpacs the most time the Albert David stayed out to sea was 32 days. We almost made it to Singapore. We were hours from the equator and the shell backs had the ship all prepared for our initiation. But the ship broke down, and we were towed back to the Philippines on the USS Long Beach. It took five days I think.

In August of 1980 the Alber David left San Diego, made a little trip up to Glacier Bay in Alaska before pulling into the ship yards in Bremerton for an overhaul. The ship went back to 32nd St after that, and that's the last I heard. I heard a rumor that it was a reserve ship out of Long Beach after that.

Things I'd like to know:

  • Did the Albert David ever make another West Pac after 1980?

  • When did it go into the Brazilian Navy?

  • What did the Albert David do prior to 1976?

  • Did it make port calls or was it involved in operations in Viet Nam?

Anyway that's not all I know, but thats all I'm saying for now. I think my information is pretty accurate, but I hope some former shipmates and crew members will put in their two cents. I've spoken with two former shipmates within the past month, and I'll let them know about this site. Captains (Late '76 to Late '80, All Commanders): Kelsey Stewart, Charles Bonham, ??? Ferrier


Kerry Joyce
Former SM2


Subject: FF-1050
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998
From: Jeff Arrington

Hello I enjoyed Dol and have a picture of the FF I was on from 1977 to 1981 I made 2 westpac's while on board. If I am not mistaken the Albert David and the Bronstien were the first 2 ships (west coast) to have a tass system the lamp hangers were converted and a large drum on the fan tail for the tass. as I was a Bt I am not up to date on these facts. also the garcia class FF had a unique fireroom different than any other ship in the navy as most steam ships had old D and M type boliers and forced draft blowers. the Garcia class frigate had P-fired or Pressure fired boilers and a 13 stage supercharger. they sounded more like a jet taking off then a ship getting underway. I had not thought about the Albert David in many years if no one else takes an intrest in heading up the Garcia class part of your web site I might be intrested.


Jeff Arrington


Subject: Garcia class ships
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998
From: Jeff Arrington

Hello again I just wanted to say I have Pictures of the following Garcia class ships if your interested in them let me know and I will forward them on to you.

FF-1040 Garcia 3 pictures
FF-1041 Bradley 1 picture
FF-1043 Edward MacDonnel 2 pictures
FF-1044 Brumby 2 pictures
FF-1045 Davidson 1 picture also 1 picture in her Brizilian D-28 paint
FF-1048 Samples 1 picture
FF-1050 Albert David 2 pictures
FF-1050 Albert David 2 Pictures
FF-1051 OCallahan 2 pictures

Out of 10 Garcia class ships only 4 continue to sail the seas under the flag of Brazil.

FF-1041 Bradley is now the D-30 Permanbuco
FF-1045 Davidson is now the D-28 Paraiba
FF-1048 Samples is now the D-29 Parana
FF-1050 Albert David is now the D-27 Para

Thanks again for a great web site.

Jeff Arrington (BT3)


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