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 STG1 Greg Price (retired)

The following photo's Reproduced by permission:
Aviation Week & Space Technology, March 14, 1977

 Dave Williams
Soviet Echo 2 nuclear-propelled submarine, her sail partially above the surface has overtaken USS Voge, a Navy fast frigate, and is moving abeam on the Voge's port side. The Echo 2's periscope was sighted intermittently for about an hour before the submarine overtook the U.S. ship from the rear.

Contributed by: John Kessler
Contributed by: John Kessler
The frigate is steaming at10 kt., and the submarine turns starboard towards the Voge and increases speed to more than 17 kt.

Contributed by: John Kessler
Contributed by: John Kessler
The sub collides bow-on with the frigate's port quarter and passes astern of the USS Voge. Note sailors scrambling for stations as they reallize their ship has been struck.

 Dave Williams
The USSR boat wallows in the sea, suffering damage to her bow, sail, and forward decking. Further damage occurred to the missile ports for the SS-N-3 Shaddock anti--ship cruise missiles. The USS Voge suffered damage to her hull, propeller and shaft, with repair costs estimated at $600,000.

The Soviets are unwilling to admit any fault in the incident, even though the submarine was operating in the submerged mode and even though it overtook the Voge from the rear. Under international rules of the road, the Soviet submarine was the burdened vessel and required to remain clear.

The collision occurred August 28, 1976 in the Ionian Sea. Photographs have been withheld until now by the State Department because the USSR is unwilling to admit culpability. The U.S. has not filed an admiralty claim and has no plans to do so.

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Photo 006 BEER ON THE PIER FF-1047 STG1 Greg Price (retired)


Hi, Mark: Some time ago I sent you photos from Aviation Week on that collision in 1976. Somebody spotted the photos on your website and connected to a photo he had seen in a Russian submarine book. I am sending you that .pdf file here. What a unique perspective! Puts a human face on "the enemy". John Kessler

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