USS Edward McDonnell
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We will gladly accept personal photos of the Edward McDonnell
(JPG or BMP are preferred) as an attachment to Mark Roberts.
Photos can be scanned at most commercial mail or copier stores.

contributed by: Bob LaFont
This is a picture taken of the USS Edward McDonnell in the Mediterranean. I was a Radioman at the time. Captain Sherman gave me a copy of this picture when I delivered messages received for him to his cabin. He was a great Captain and she was a great ship. I was on the ship from 1964 to 1967. Contributed by: Bob LaFont (RM3, 1964-68)

USS Edward McDonnell, contributed by: BM3 James Stringfellow (1964-65)

More Photo's:

For more photo's of the Edward McDonnell (taken from USS Garcia by Steve Singlar) see the page at NavSource

Photos courtesy of: David A. Wendelowski
Photo 02
Photo 03
Photo 04
Photo 05
Photo 06

Hey Mark,
Ran across these photo's (007, 008) from late 1988. When I was aboard the U.S.S. HOIST. WE TOWED these two to Mothballs.
HT2 Thomas Haley III

Photo 007
Photo 008

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