USS Bronstein
DE-1037 / FF-1037 (Bronstein Class)

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1988: Vancouver Canada,
the annual boat festival.
Will Meneses

courtesey of:
Galeana, F-202, a Class Bravo Patrol Frigate (ex-Bronstein)
leaves the harbor to prepare for the day's military exercises.

Builder:          Avondale
Laid Down:        May 15, 1959
Launched:         March 31, 1962
Commissioned:     June 15, 1963
Decommissioned:   December 13, 1990 
Fate:             Sold to Mexico 11/12/93 and 
                  renamed Hermenegildo Galeana (E-42). 
                  Still in service as of 01/2000

We are seeking information on the USS Bronstein and her crews. Any e-mails or photos concerning the USS Bronstein will be added to these pages.

The Bronstein Class as Constructed

Displacement:  2,723 tons
Length:        372 feet
Beam:          41 feet
Draught:       23 feet
Machinery:     One shaft geared steam turbines
Performance:   20,000 shp for 27 + knots
Range:         4,000 at 15 knots
Fire Control:  GFCS MK 56	
Guns:          One 3"50 cal.twin enclosed gunmount
Guns:          One 3"50 cal. open gunmount
Torpedoes:     two MK 32 Torpedo Launcher (six 12.75 inch)
ASW Rockets:   MK 112 ASROC launcher
ASW:           UBFCS MK 114
ASW:           Sonar SQS-26
Compliment:    13 Officers / 178 enlisted	

 Will Meneses
Anchored in Montego Bay Jamaica, Summer 1990

More Photo's:

Photo 004 Barbados, Summer 1990 Will Meneses

Photo 005 Anchored in Maui, 1990 Will Meneses

Photo 006 Ship's screw damaged by a dummy torpedo during war games outside of Pearl harbor early 1990 Will Meneses

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