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The Destroyer Escorts

The destroyer escort class of ship came into existence as a less expensive ocean escort against the submarine threat. When opportunity provided, the destroyer escort could itself fulfill the mission of the destroyer by attacking surface ships with guns and torpedoes and serving as scout ships of the fleet. No better example of this attack capability can be given than that of the Battle of Samar. (See the Bookreview section for "Tempest, Fire and Foe: Destroyer Escorts in World War II and the Men Who Manned Them.")

In 1975 all Destroyer Escorts then in commission were redesignated Frigates (FF) and the type name "DE" was discontinued by the US Navy.

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USS Evans (DE 1023)
1963: USS Evans (DE 1023) taking it "green"

The Destroyer Escort Classes of old

Class Name
Lead Ship
Hull Number
Ships Built
Evarts Evarts DE 5 April 15, 1943
Buckley Buckley DE 51 April 30, 1943
Cannon Cannon DE 99 September 26, 1943
Edsall Edsall DE 129 April 10, 1943
Rudderow Rudderow DE 224 May 15, 1944
John C. Butler John C. Butler DE 339 March 31 1944
Dealey Dealey DE 1006 June 3, 1954
Claud Jones Claud Jones DE 1033 February 10, 1959

The Bronstein, Garcia and Knox destroyer escort classes were later redesignated as Frigates.

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