USS Frament
DE 677 (Buckley class)

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Authorized:       ?
Builder:          Bethlehem Steel Quincy, MA.
Laid Down:        May 1, 1943
Launched:         June 28, 1943
Commissioned:     August 15, 1943
Decommissioned:   December 3, 1944 
  (Converted to APD-77)
Recommissioned:   March (?) 1945
Decommissioned:   May 30, 1946
Stricken:         January 1, 1960
Fate:             To Ecuador as power hulk 
  July 1961          

We are seeking information on the USS Frament and her crews. Files and photos may be E-mailed to us and we will incorporate them into these pages.

The E-Mail:

I have lots of pictures of the USS Frament and have a crews list. We are having our 3rd reunion in Baltimore this September. If you need more pictures or information please don't hesitate to email me back. You can also give my name as contact info... Debra Raley 410-967-9330 My father George Dalgo (still living) was a cook on the ship. I have worked many years trying to find shipmates and I have found over 25 men so far and are always looking to find more. The men affectionately call me 'mother'

A Poem (author unknown)
   USS Frament DE 677


A million times you'll see them
When the fog is running low,
And they're feeling for the channel
While the moaning whistles blow,
It's a kind of eerie feeling
But it cannot be denied
That the ships are almost Human
On the turning of the tide.

When you're in the gulf of Leyte
Heading northward toward Samar,
And the colors of the water
Says the bottom isn't far,
You can feel her sort of tremble
And the crew may show her pride,
For the ship and crew are soulmates
On the turning of the tide.

There's a big expanse of water
Through a misty vale of tears
Which we've crossed and left behind us
In the wars most troubled years,
When you think of Okinawa,
And the fighting men who died
Know you-Fighting ladies died there
On the turning of the tide.

Yes, a ship is almost human,
Like the Frament, you'll agree,
Who has been our Girl and Mother,
Well, since nineteen forty three.
She has seen us through some sorrows
And some laughter, while she tried,
Like a woman, not to show it
On the turning of the tide.

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