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Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 16:55:40 -0500
From: Ronald Carbis
Subject: Short History of the USS McGinty DE-365

The USS McGinty (DE-365) was named for Franklin Alexander Mc Ginty, Sonarman, Third Class who died during the sinking of the USS Plymouth while attempting to rescue trapped shipmates. He was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross.

The McGinty was built at the Consolidated Steel Plant in Orange, Texas and commissioned on 25 September 1944. During shakedown exercises off Bermuda she experienced her recorded roll in a hurricane - 56 degrees. Shortly thereafter she headed for Pacific waters, and has remained in the Pacific ever since. Here World War Two assignments were primarily as a convoy escort vessel, running between Guam, Eniwetok and Ulithi. V-J day saw McGinty entering the lagoon at Ulithi, the following four months took her to Japan with the US occupation forces, then she returned to San Diego for martivation.

On 28 March 1951, McGinty ws recommissioned, Pearl Harbor was designated her home port, and she returned there to be made ready for duty in the Korean conflict. During the following months McGinty served as flagship for CTE 95.21 and CTG 72.1 on a series of patrols in the Formosa Strait and in the Korean area, during which time she often was exposed to every fire but sustained no casualties. Between patrols, she visited Yokuska, Hong Kong, Worstin and Sasebo. After a much needed return to Pearl Harbor for yard overhaul, she commenced another tour in WESTPAC. During this 1953 phase McGinty was said to have fired the most 5"/38 rounds of any ships in the Korean conflict.

McGinty deploys to WESTPAC again in November of 1954, 1955, 1956 (to Eniwetok Atomic Proving Grounds) and in June 1957.

That's the end of the little speech I found on board. I can certainly fill in the rest from my letters to the end of 1959. Basically, WESTPAC June 1958, West Coast of USA December 1958, Seattle January 1959, and finally Portland, Oregon as a reserve training ship in September 1959. I think I will be able to detail the ports of call from my letters. McGinty went to Australia in 1957, I missed the trip was in the hospital on Guam. I really enjoyed going to the islands in the Pacific, I was only 17-18-19-20 years old during my time in the Navy. In a typhoon going to Japan, we had a 44 degree roll and lost all of the laundry equipment we had on deck for future installation by the NRF in Yokuska. I'll be putting it all together and hopefully sending you some more soon.

Ron Carbis,

Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 13:20:36 -0500
From: Ronald Carbis


I finished typing the McGinty whereabouts from my letters, so here it is, I hope it is will be of some interest, it brought back a lot of old memories to me. I am working on scanning the pictures, patches, etc. and will send soon.


Here is information on the USS McGinty from 18 May 1957 to 23 September 1959, taken from my letters to home. Dates are approximate, the McGinty was in the area described within a week of the letter date.

18 May 1957
In Home Port, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Target practice with 40MM and 5". Depth charge practice. Sonar practice. Getting ready for WESTPAC tour.

1 June 1957
Ship out on maneuvers for three days. (McGinty is flagship of Escort Squadron Eleven).

20 June 1957
At Midway Island for four hours for refueling, enroute to Guam. Smooth trip so far. I think the Silverstein and Walton are with us.

26 June 1957
Field day, airing all bedding. (remember?), enroute to Guam.

27 June 1957
At Guam, our Summer port. Temperature 88 degrees, but humid!! (USS Foss should be arriving in the States)

3 July 1957
Ship cruising islands. (I am in hospital so don't know where).

14 July 1957
McGinty back in Guam. (Hot and raining all the time, 94 degrees outside, in the ship is another story)

18 July 1957
Leaving Saturday morning for another island tour.

25 July 1957
Between Io Jima and Farallon de Pejaros. Stopped at Maug Islands, Farallon de Pejaros, Ha Ha Shima, Chi Chi Shima, Nishino Shima. Check on the natives and catching Japanese fishing boats inside the three mile limit. If we catch a fishing boat we get to tow it back to Saipan for trial.

29 July 1957
Back at Guam. Two more island cruises left, a 9 day and an 11 day.

3 August 1957
Enroute to islands, should arrive at atoll at 0700 tomorrow. We just anchor outside and use the whale boat and rubber raft to go to the islands.

7 August 1957
At Kapingamarangi, visited the natives. Traded soap and shoes for outrigger models. Got bananas too. Crossed the Equator at 1700 at 154 degrees 53' E.

8 August 1957
At Nukuoro, visiting. Received a coconut to eat. Three native girls my age, sang and played ukulele for me. Received a flower lei from a three year old girl. Man nearby being the chaperone. I had the radio equipment, let the girls listen. Gave some of the little boys a ride in the whaleboat. 1450 leaving Nukuoro.

9 August 1957
Passed Ponape, didn't stop, enroute to Pakin.

10 August 1957
1900 hours, enroute Pakin to Oroluk. 7 more island to go.

11 August 1957
Landing party to Oroluk, 0700. 5 native on island. Prices, 3 bars of soap for large outrigger model, 1 pack of cigarettes for small model. Bought a large model for a worn out pair of shoes. Leaving Oroluk at 0915.

12 August 1957
Anchored at Truk. Going back to Guam.

15 August 1957
Back at Guam. I am going to the hospital again for my leg infection, in the meantime the McGinty will do another island tour, go to Japan and go to Australia. (WITHOUT ME!!!)

26 September 1957
I am still in Guam, don't know the location of the ship. Out of the hospital working on the USS Cayuga County, LST 529 and the USS Banner, AKL 25 (remember Mr Roberts?) (1958 Studebakers are arriving in Guam via ship in 15 days!). Enough of scrapping paint, I can type, got a job in the transient barracks office.

8 November 1957
Back on the McGinty in Pearl Harbor. Found out I missed out on all these places: Hong Kong; Subic Bay; Townsville, Australia; Samoa, Pago Pago and more.

14 November 1957

Plan of the Day for Thursday 14 November 1957

0745 Quarters for muster and inspection
1530 Liberty commences for sections I and II to expire
on board at 0730, Friday, 15 November 1957.

1. Captains mast results.
2. The following named men will be advanced to rating
indicated on 1 DEC 1957:

Stelzer, JJ      IC1
Shute, WC        MM1
Waterbury, R     MM1
Barnes, HA       BT2
Johnson, DB      BT2
Lovett, SR       BT2
Lefebvre, RL     EM2
Rader, RD        EM2
Smith, SM        MM2
Taylor, RA       MM2
Hastings, LB     QM2
Fitzwilliam, VE  RD2
Womack, JD       CS3
Allison, WR      EM3
Ebert Jr, JN     EN3
Carbis, RG       ETR3
Long, LA         FTM3
Matter, TC       MML3
Shear, DM        MML3
Lacewell, DS     PN3
King, RH         RD3
Milhone, GG      RD3
Nelson, F        RD3
Jarvis, RC       RM3
Prouty, MD       RM3
Proctor, GC      RM3
Rivet, JR        RM3
Swenson, PA      RM3
Cook, KA         SK3
Churchill, AV    SO3
Herrmann, RM     SO3
Peckron, MJ      BTFN
Bartlett, DP     SMSN

Signed by Hathway for CI Williams, LT, USN, Executive Officer

Of course, having everyone a petty officer means we all still have to carry the supplies and food aboard because there are no lower ratings anymore.

12 December 1957
Inventory of Electronics stores, regular exercises as usual while we are in our home port.

9 January 1958
Out on exercises this week and will be out next week also, in port for the weekends.

16 January 1958
Back in Pearl Harbor, 1545, after doing submarine exercises.

10 February 1958
Captain's inspection on Saturday.

11 March 1958
Brazilian Oceanographic ship, Sirius, in port. Worked on their TBL-7 transmitter. Only two ETs left onboard the McGinty and I am one of them.

14 March 1958
Temperature on 57 degrees this morning, everyone is freezing. Sitting in the ECM room, nice and warm, at the desk we built for an ET office.

21 March 1958
Picked up test equipment we had order and electronics supplies this morning. Working on everything to get ready for the next WESTPAC cruise.

24 March 1958
Finally got all the gear back working again. Ready to go.

6 April 1958
McGinty schedule: Monday and Tuesday fire depth charges, Wednesday stay out over night for exercises, Friday after the exercises go to Hilo, Hawaii for the weekend.

23 April 1958
Out at sea for seven days of submarine exercises.

31 May 1958
USS Silverstein ran into a submarine during exercises. Did the submarine sink?

7 June 1958
1000, leave for Japan Mount 51 now has a Gunnery "E" EW Behm, Lieutenant Commander, has been Commanding Officer since February.

22 June 1958
In Yokosuka, Japan, tied up to destroyer tender. Using LCM to go on liberty.

6 July 1958
Arrived in Guam a few days before, now cruising in the Pacific, it is like glass right now. Just leaving Marcus Island, heading for the Bonin-Volcano group. Went ashore on Farallon de Pejaros.

12 July 1958
Arrived Guam yesterday, leave today at 1600 for the Western Carolinas.

25 July 1958
Back in Guam from the Carolinas.

30 July 1958
Leaving for a 7 day tour of the islands. McGinty has the Battle Efficiency "E" now. Salt Water showers until the condenser is fixed.

5 August 1958
Cruised by the Bonin-Volcano, Marianas. Near Io Jima, cruised over an underwater volcano vent, could smell the sulpher and see the discolored water.

21 August 1958
Arrived Hong Kong Harbor, anchored.

28 August 1958
McGinty is now station ship Hong Kong, all other US ships have left the harbor. Received all the radio and telephone equipment for a station ship.

12 September 1958
Relieved as station ship, steaming towards Formosa Straits on patrol.

19 September 1958
Back from patrol, anchored at the Pescadores with many other US ships. No liberty.

20 September 1958
Went out for refueling, anchored again at the Pescadores.

21 September 1958
Out on patrol, Formosa straits. Took a 42 degree roll, rough out here. 20 Knot wind.

24 September 1958
Anchored in the Pescadores, started to go out yesterday but returned after going 19 miles. Waiting for orders. ECM room bulkhead seam split had a foot of water on deck, missed the power supplies.

25 September 1958
Bokoko, Pescadores. Left in convoy for Quemoy at 2000. Stayed three miles off island. Lots of airplane combat going on. Nationalist Chinese Patrol craft being fired on, passed within 500 yards of us, shots falling all around, we moved out of there. Lots of round being fired at island. Chinese LST received a torpedo hit next to us. Went back to our anchorage in the Pescadores. Life magazine had picture of LST. Mom and Dad saw the McGinty on TV news. McGinty had two US flags on the mast, one on the fantail, two more on the port railing and two on the starboard railing.

27 September 1958
After refueling, out to Serra four to relieve the USS Bridget, DE 1024. On patrol. Still on 12 hour watches and sandwiches. Still only two ETs on board.

9 October 1958
On patrol, Formosa Straits. Have taken two more convoys since 25 September. All radar and the TDE and TBL7 went out on one convoy, had to ask the captain what he wanted to fix first.

16 October 1958
Leaving for Japan today.

20 October 1958
Arrived Japan 0700. Notified our new home port will be Portland, Oregon.

23 October 1958
Into dry-dock in Yokosuka. Sonar dome is cracked, shaft bearings are worn out and split in the hull.

6 November 1958
On the way back to Pearl Harbor. Everyone received China Service Medal-Extended. (This has since been changed to Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal-(Taiwan Straits). Cross the date line tomorrow, two Fridays this week.

16 November 1958
At Pearl Harbor, inspector from Seattle shipyard evaluating electronic equipment. Only one ET on board, me.

22 December 1958
Honolulu Advertiser publishes picture of the McGinty and crew with our "homeward bound" pennant. My large outrigger model turned into sawdust by unknown creatures, so had to throw away.

3 January 1959
Sail for Seattle, Washington. SA-2 radar sees the United States. SPS5B doesn't see anything because wave guide has filled up with water, change of climate I guess, takes two days to figure out this problem. And both transmitters out again, things are getting old, even the wires are going bad.

9 January 1959
Arrived in Seattle at 1600. At least every piece of electronic equipment is scheduled for overhaul, easy to schedule because I am the only ET on board. The yard will be doing all the work.

18 January 1959
At Commercial Shipbuilding Co. Winslow, Bainbridge Island, Washington, next to the ferry slip. In dry-dock, this is all a yacht harbor now. One lightship and one ferry also here. We are all living on a barracks barge.

12 April 1959
In San Diego, training exercises, schools for the crew.

28 August 1959
What we have been doing so far: Went to Seattle, for the Seafair, went through Government Locks to Lake Washington. Queen of the Seafair and Princesses on board, about 250 people. Went through the floating bridge, stayed all day for the hydroplane boat races. Left the lake next day, Monday, went out to sea for aircraft-submarine exercises until Thursday. Put in to Astoria on Friday, Saturday reserve crew came on board, Sunday to Portland, Oregon, Monday two week reserve cruise to San Diego. I made ET2 in June.

29 August 1959
Arrive San Diego, reserve crew returns to their homes. Starting two weeks of upkeep.

11 September 1959
1600 left for Portland, Oregon. Looking forward to another trip down the Columbia River. How many beach campfires can we put out with our wake this time?

23 September 1959
At Swan Island, Portland, Oregon for good. Officially a reserve training ship now. Just a once a month cruise to the mouth of the Columbia River to fish for salmon. Nothing much to do on board, just keep the antennas facing forward. Last week tied up in downtown Portland and decommissioned the McGinty.

DE 365 McGinty (John C. Butler Class) Laid down by Consolidated Steel, Orange, Texas, on 3 May, 1944 Launched 5 August 1944 and Commissioned 25 September 1944. Stricken 23 September 1968, Sold 27 October 1969 and broken up.

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