USS Walton
DE 361 (John C. Butler Class)

Hong Kong (I think about) 1952-1953
Contributed by: Bill Nelson
Builder:        Consolidated, Orange
Laid Down:      March 21, 1944
Launched:       May 20, 1944
Commissioned:   September 4, 1944
Fate:           Stricken September 1968

We are seeking information on the USS Walton and her crews. Files and photos may be emailed to us and we will incorporate them into this page. When enough information has been assembled we will then build the ship her own section.

The John C. Butler Class as Constructed

Displacement:  1,430 tons (1,811 tons full load)
Length:        306 feet
Beam:          37 feet
Draught:       11 feet 2 inches
Machinery:     two Combustion Engineering or
               Babcock & Wilcox boilers;
               2-shaft Westinghouse turbines with electric drive
Performance:   12,000 for 23 knots
Bunkerage:     347 tons
Range:         6,000 nautical miles at 12 knots
Guns:          two single 5 inch 38 caliber
               four 40mm in two twin mounts
               ten 20mm machine guns
Torpedoes:     one triple 21 inch mount
Depth Charges: two stern racks
               eight k-guns
Complement:    156

In other words - small ship armed to the teeth.

Aft 40MM guns firing on North Korean gun boat.
Contributed by: Bill Nelson

DE 361 -
- DE 361

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