USS Henry B. Wilson
DDG 7 (Charles F. Adams Class)

Submitted by: Dan Marks

Builder:         Defoe Shipbuilding Company Bay City, MI.
Laid Down:       February 28, 1958
Launched:        April 23, 1959
Commissioned:    December 17, 1960
Decommissioned:  October 2, 1989
Stricken:        January 26, 1990
Fate:            Converted to Power Barge

The Charles F. Adams Class as Constructed

Displacement:  3,370 tons
Length:        437 feet
Beam:          47 feet
Draught:       22 feet
Machinery:     two shaft geared steam turbines                        
Performance:   70,000 shp for 31.5 knots
Bunkerage:     Range:         
Guns:          two 5 inch 
Mk 42Missiles: twin Mk 11 launcher or               
Torpedoes:     six 12.75 inch (ASW)

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Submitted by: Dan Marks

Submitted by: Dan Marks

Subject: USS H.B. Wilson (DDG 7)
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004
From: Dan Marks

New email and website + a reunion

51 confirmed in 30 days 550 on our roster association in place…………finally !

Dan Marks
USS H.B. Wilson DDG-7

2171 Teakwood Court
Hollister, CA

Cell: 408-221-8610
Tel: 831-636-7646
Fax: 831-636-0344

Thanks to you guys for your continued work and support !

From: "Jennie Norris"
Subject: H.B. Wilson DDG-7
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997

When I ran across your web page on the "Hammerin' Hank", it brought back many memories. As my first ship of my Navy career, I hold a special placefor her. I was stationed aboard her from 1971-76, got my first taste ofbattle of the coast of Nam, again at Hai Phong Harbour, and continued tillthe end of the war during the rescue of the merchant ship SS Mayaquez.

I met and remember alot of valuable friends, and can honestly say, beingfresh out of boot camp, I grew up a lot during those years.

Thanks for the memories.

SM1 (SW) Wayne Norris (Ret)

More Photo's at Mare Island, 15 July 2002:
Contributed by: Jack Miller EMC (Ret.)

Photo 008 Looking Aft

Photo 009 Fantail

Photo 006 This is the HBW in China Basin San Francisco, being converted toher new life, September 95..My last sighting..Dan

Photo 000

Photo 001

Photo 007 From: Here is another interesting shot of the USS HENRY B. WILSON's Bridge, mast & ASROC sitting on a pier after being cut off the ship at Hunter's Point NSY. Mike Donegan (NAVYDAZE)

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