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We will gladly accept personal photos of the Mahan (in just about any format, but gif or jpg are preferred) as an attachment to e-mail. Photos can be scanned at most commercial mail or copier stores.

Russ Owens has contributed a set of photos taken of the Mahan in drydock in 1965.

courtesey of: David Edwards
1968: Gulf of Tonkin

Subject: USS Mahan (DLG-11)
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001
From: David J. Edwards
Rank: RD3
Reported: 1968
Departed: 1971
Aboard 2 & 1/2 years

The picture I am sending was taken in 1968 in the Gulf of Tonkin. I can arrange for a better quality image. I have lots of pictures.

courtesey of: David Edwards

courtesey of: David Edwards

Twenty five knots

More Photo's:

Photo 012 Signal Bridge during heavy seas courtesey of: David J. Edwards

Photo 013 Break Away flag was flown during the period 1968-1970 Courtesey of: Jim Plummer

Photo 016 I was aboard the Mahan during the upgrade and refit. Here are a couple of yard pictures from 1981 in Philidelphia. The Mahan was a great ship. Photo by: Darrell Vassey

Photo 017 (Same as #16) Photo by: Darrell Vassey

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