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Contributed by: Bill Bremmer

Contributed by: Gary Legate (FC1, 1989-92)
Gary Legate (L) & Robert Cauthon (FC1)

Contributed by: Gary Legate (FC1, 1989-92)
FC3 Robert Zeigler (L) & Gary Legate

September 15th, 1984: Puerto Madryn, Argentina in the Gulfo Nuevo
Contributed by: Scott Fawcett

 Scott Balsiger

More Photo's:

Photo 001 USS Macdonough firing an SM-1 ER missile in 1984. Photo courtesy Robert D. Derosier

Photo 009 GMGC Dennis Stewart instructs unknown seaman in the proper firing of a MK 19, 40mm grenade launcher. Also in photo: right-GMG1 Joseph Carper, center (leaning on torpedo tubes) LT(jg) Lloyd Hensley, left MS1 Carl Deflorentis. (1990) Photo courtesy James Sullivan - Ships Historian, USS Macdonough

Photo 010 GMGC Dennis Stewart instructs MSC Ernest Paton in firing the MK 19, 40mm grenade launcher. Foreground, M2 .50 cal machine gun. Background, ships utility boat (MAC 3) and 55B fire control radar. (1990)

Photo 011 Rifle practice for the mine watch. BM3 James Davis fires while GMG1 Joseph Carper (sunglasses) observes. QMSN Patrick Vegeler (in coveralls) watches - 1990.

Photo 012 Homecoming: Macdonough sailors man the rail as the ship steams back into Charleston Harbor after Desert Storm. Harpoon cruise missile launchers in the background - 1991.

Photo 013 Homecoming: Friends and family board the ship. Each lady was presented with a rose - 1991.

Photo 014 Homecoming: Happy reunion aboard Macdonough - 1991.

Photo 015 In the Gulf the ship was provided with a four-man Stinger missile detachment. Missileers SN Joshua Vigil (right) and SN Nick Demetriou (left) take time out for a game of backgammon. They are seated on a durable and watertight Stinger missile case - 1990.

Photo 016 Lazy moment in pilot house during gunshoot. From left to right: CWO2 Mark Wood (on phone), BM2 Jeff Frankowiak, MSC Ernest Patton, unknown, SN James Vogt (Lee Helm), and SN Mark Bryce (Helm) - 1991.

Photo 017 Prior to Gulf deployment the ship was given a "subdued" paint scheme to lower visibility. SR Glenn Murphy(?) (left) and SA Leonardo Wallace (right) use a floating scaffold to repaint the hull number - 1990.

Photo 018 FC1 Jeffrey Brown and invisible partner work on the after 55B fire control radar - 1992.

Photo 019 Macdonough crew gathers on port side to watch USS Missouri fire her 16 inch guns - 1991.

Photo 020 Macdonough CO, CDR Arthur Thomas Cooper, joins in a Macdonough gunnery exercise - 1990.

Photo 021 Portrait of USS Macdonough DDG 39.

Photo 022 Messdecks during damage control exercise aboard Macdonough - 1990.

Photo 023 Visitship: GMM1 Charles McGill and ENS James Sullivan explain the capabilities of the SM2-ER surface-to-air missile - 1991.

Photo 024 Visitship:ENS James Sullivan and GMG1 Charles McGill explain the Mk 10 launcher system and the firing of the SM2-ER surface to air missile - 1991.

Photo 025 Visitship: SM2 missiles are trained and elevated for visitors aboard Macdonough - 1991.

Photo 026 "Chief" Odie, mascot of ASW division, takes charge of an M60, .30 caliber machine gun - 1990.

Photo 027 "Chief" Odie guards a Stinger missile - 1990.

Photo 030 ASROC shoot Contributed by: Scott Fawcett

Photo 031 Ships Plaque Contributed by: Paul M. Seibold

Photo 032 January, 1981: Moored at Fleet Training Group, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Original photo was taken with a 110 pocket camera.) Contributed by: HM3 Richard Tyner

Photo 036 . . getting ready to go under the Cooper River bridges . . Contributed by: Gary Legate (FC1, 1989-92)

Photo 039 Pierside, 1980 - 82 (?) Contributed by: Chris McClain

Photo 040 OI Division , 1980 - 82 (?) Contributed by: Chris McClain

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