USS Sellers
DDG-11 (Charles F. Adams Class)

Richard Leonhardt

Builder:         Bath
Laid Down:       August 3, 1959
Launched:        September 9, 1960
Commissioned:    October 28, 1961
Decommissioned:  10/31/89
Fate:            2004: Metro Machine has contract to scrap

We are seeking information on the USS Sellers and her crews. Files and photos may be emailed to us and we will incorporate them into this page.

Another site for the Sellers.

The Charles F. Adams Class as Constructed

          Displacement:  3,370 tons
          Length:        437 feet
          Beam:          47 feet
          Draught:       22 feet
          Machinery:     two shaft geared steam turbines
          Performance:   70,000 shp for 31.5 knots
          Guns:          two 5 inch Mk 42
          Missiles:      twin Mk 11 launcher           
          Torpedoes:     six 12.75 inch (ASW)
                         Two MK 32 Torpedo Tube Mounts  
          ASW Rockets:   Mk 112 ASROC Launcher

John Spielmann

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