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In 1965 the USS DuPont was deployed with the USS Intrepid to be downstream of the Gemini V liftoff. We were also on station during its return. The attached photo was taken by a buddy of mine who was one of the motor whale boats crew. When the capsul came down the Interpid's helecopters wisked away the astronauts and we were to stand by until the Intrepid arrived. The Gemini V capsul is in the forground with a yellow floatation collar.

Submitted By
James Urynowicz FTG2
1962 - 1966

More Photo's:

Photo 004 This is copy of a two page letter (scanned to jpg format) sent to the families of the crew of the Dupont from Commander D. M. Karcher, Captain of the Dupont. It was sent on the occasion of the commissioning/shakedown cruise to South America. I changed the name of my mother (the original recipient) to the more generic "Families of the Crewmembers."
Robert J. Hobbs,
FT3, Plank Owner,

Photo 005 Page 2

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