USS Hawkins
DD 873 (Gearing class)

Courtesey of Joe Szczepaniak
I believe the underway picture was taken by my OCS
classmate Lt Jg Robert J Aprill from the USS Inchon,
during an exercise off the US Atlantic coast

Builder:        Consolidated Steel, Orange TX
Laid Down:      May 14, 1944
Launched:       October 7, 1944
Commissioned:   February 10, 1945
Decommissioned: ?
Fate:           Stricken (USN) 10/01/79; 
                To Taiwan 03/17/83, renamed Shao Yang

We are seeking information on the USS Hawkins and her crews. Files and photos may be E-mailed to us and we will incorporate them into this page. When enough information has been assembled we will then build the ship her own section.

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I was one of three CTs on the Hawkins in late 1978. She was a Naval Reserve ship, and therefore only partially manned, anyhow, we were shadowing a Russian SAG around the Gulf of Mexico.

While I was aboard, the C.O. told me he had received a message stating the ship was to be decommissioned upon return to her homeport of Philadelphia, PA. That would have been around October of 1978. Sorry, I can't give anymore details than that.

William J. (Bill) Carter
CWO3, USN(Ret)

Subject: USS Benner (DDR-807) USS Myles C. Fox (DD-829) SAR March, 1951
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003
From: Orren Wagner

The two destroyers named above along with the aircraft carrier Coral Sea and the destroyers USS Hawkins (DD-873) and Dennis J Buckley (DDR-808) took part in (March of 1951) a SAR in the north Atlantic re a SAC USAF C-124 Globemaster that went down with 53 SAC personnel. There were no survivors. The crews of the Benner and Fox recovered the majority of the debris from the crash. For my brothers, myself and the 53 lost souls, I'd like to thank the crew members of the Benner and Fox, in particular, and those of the rest of the division that participated, for their efforts. If any crew member of those ships wishes to pass along their recollections of that mission, I'd like to hear from them.

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