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Out of curiosity I did a search for the old Vogie and found this site. I'm Dennis L. Branch. I was on the USS Vogelgesang (the Vogie) from about Oct. 20, 1958 to Aug. 25, 1961, came on as a seaman apprentice and left as a Fire Control Technician Second Class (FT2), if you'd like to add me to the crew list.

There were a lot of guys my age on that ship whose names I can recall if I think on it. Richard Coffey, Jesus Carlos Garcia, and James Carroll, for starters. These men were all in my division. No doubt more will come to me now that my mind is on it. When I have a list I'll send it in.

Thanks for creating the website, it's great to see that a part of the old Vogie is still alive. I went through the Cuban Blockade on that boat and while it hardly compares to war action, we did have some real scary times facing the Russian guns. The American public wasn't told of all that went on before the Russians finally backed down.

I had tons of pictures, which were all 35 mm slides, and were all ruined by moisture to the last one or I'd send a few. Too bad too. They held a lot of memories.

Best regards,

Dennis Branch


My dad, William A. Colby, served on the Vogelsang 1950-1952. I do have pictures of him onboard the Vogelsang, but right now they are packed away. He served as a gunner's mate. Unfortunately, dad died in 1987.

Thank You and Keep Up The Good Work!

Katie Colby
Middletown New Jersey


Greetings Mark;

First allow me to congratulate all concerned in formulating the "Destroyers online" website. It is very well put together and honestly reflects the genuine emotion and nostalgia of the countless number of shipmates that served on board during her years of being in commission.

I'm Dan Salazar and I was on board the Vogie from Fall of 1948 to Jan.1952. I've read alot of testamony from crew members of an era later than 1952 and am very surprised that no one has ever told stories of the times when I was on board. I'm currently in the process of writing some books, one of which will be "Experiences of Life on the Vogie". I'm 75 years young and I've been blessed with a reasonably good memory. Anyone that new me well on the ship will remember me from the "Istanbul Incident". I was an RM2 and although I still remember most of my Radioshack buddies, I've lost track of most of them except Harold Fickes.

I hope this E-mail isn't too long for your website.

Take care,

Dan Salazar



I shipped on the Vogie, part of DESRON 4 in Charleston, SC in the summer of 1960. Shortly thereafter we embarked on the Solant Amity Cruise to the East Coast of South America & West Coast of Africa. We made port in Port o Spain, Trinidad, Refife & Belem Brazil and every little port on the African West Coast from Capetown to Dakar. I was a Radarman 2nd. & remember shipmates: Vince Bowen, Doug Fairbairn, Tommy Ogle & Stan Cook (all radarmen).

Also I just learned that Jim Carroll FT-1 who owned Carroll Realty on Isle of Palms, SC recently passed away. We were in company with the Gearing DD 710, the submarine Seawolf and an oiler whose name I forget. Our C.O. was CDR. Robert P. Foreman (one hell of a sailor). We engage in the pirated cruise ship Santa Maria affair that ended in Recife, Brazil and earned an "E" on shorefire exercises at Vieques and Cullebra. I recieve regular e-mails from Ron Kellar. I left the Vogie in the Fall of 1961 when it was headed to FRAM in Boston and transferred to the USS Manley DD 940.

Thanks for the Heads Up,

George Lander

May 7, 2005:

I was on the "Vogie" from May 1973 to May 1975. Here is an online photo of 1st Division (Deck) taken during that time:

Brent Grobe

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004
From: Denny Denslow

I was on the "Vogie" from Dec 18, 1948 to Jan 1952 ..... after engine room. I tried to locate other members of that time frame, but not having much luck. hoping maybe someone will see this and contact me....Denny Denslow

Did not know if you posted e-mail such as this but hope so. Thanks either way. Nice to see comments from former ship mates of the Vogie.

Denny Denslow

Subject: Vogelgesang
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004
From: John P. Riddell Jr.

Hi Mark,

I have three photos. The picture of the Vogie was taken in 1957 during a Med cruise (I have a cruise book from that cruise). Note the quarterdeck awning still in place on the Port side. The configuration of the ship changed in subsequent years (I transferred to the Gyatt in late 1962), but when I was aboard the Vogie, she still had the two 5"-38 gun mounts forward and one aft. She also had the big torpedo tubes on the 01 level and a pair of 3"-50 twin mounts behind the torpedo tubes. She was well-armed and one hell of a shooter. We won several Combat Efficiency "E's" during my tour and set the all-time record high score for our D-Day live fire exercise at Culebra Island. This exercise involved a variety of types of gunfire in support of a simulated troop landing.

The other two photos are one of yours truly with his omnipresent coffee cup and the other is of Herbert Little and Gerald Hagen, two Gunners Mates who were my friends. I always loved this picture because I think it really captures the spirit of the ship during that period. And note the non-politicallly correct DesRon 4 logo on the stack. That was later changed to a less "belligerent" logo that looked pretty ridiculous.

Thanks much for maintaining the links to the good old days (well, not all of them) of life on Navy Destroyers.

Best Regards,

John P. Riddell Jr.
CWO3 Retired
(FTSN - FT1 while on the Vogelgesang)

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003

Got this in my email maybe you can use.

Hello my name is Marco A Camacho and im a mexican citizen ,and im a member of a discussion forum about mexican military , and i just wanna tell u that the ARM QUETZALCOATL ex-OO-862 has been remodernized in the mexican navy ,and re armed but there's rumors that they will decommission her, its a shame she's a beautiful ship and the mexican navy has done a good job taking care of her.

Well amigo..AOIOS ..thank you


Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997

Just letting you know that I have pics of the USS Vogelgesang DD862. I served aboard her 1969 - 1973, the pics are from my 1970 MED Cruise. A soon as I am able to figure out how, I will send you a few pics from that cruise, including a great port side view as she was pulling into Valetta, Malta. I can be reached at:

Subject: USS Vogelgesang DD862
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000
From: Dave Black

Mr. Lane,

I sent the pictures of USS Vogelgesang DD 862, I have since changed my E-mail address to the following: or Also, there is a ships REUNION for DD's 780, 843, 862, 863 on June 24, 2000 at Jackson, Michigan. The reunion host is:

Raymond Didur Sr.
371 Hillcrest Ave.
Hampshire, IL 60140

Anyone interested should contact him about the reunion!!!

Thank you,

David J.R. Black, GMC, USNR

Subject: USS Vogelgesang DD 862 (Gearing Class)
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000
From: Andrew Friederichs

I served aboard the Vogelgesang from 1951 to 1955 and I am just trying to get some information about the ship and crew. I know it was sold to Mexico, but before that I don't know. If you cold help me I would appreciate it. I have some pictures put away some place that might be interesting.

Andrew Friederichs
P.O.Box 181
Marine City,
Mi. 48039 Andrew Friederichs

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