USS Witek
DD 848 (Gearing Class)

USS Witek DD 848
Photo courtesy Dennis Rohde

Builder:       Bath Iron Works
Laid Down:     July 16, 1945
Launched:      February 2, 1946
Commissioned:  April 25, 1946
Completed:     April 25, 1946
Fate:          Stricken September 17, 1968

We are seeking information on the USS Witek and her crews. Files and photos may be emailed to us and we will incorporate them into this page.

The Gearing Class as Constructed

Displacement:  2,425 tons (3,479 tons full load)          
Length:        390 feet 6 inches          
Beam:          40 feet 10 inches          
Draught:       14 feet 4 inches (mean)          
Machinery:     four Babcock & Wilcox boilers;                         
               2-shaft G.E.C. geared turbines          
Performance:   60,000 shp for 35 knots          
Bunkerage:     740 tons          
Range:         4,500 nautical miles at 20 knots          
Guns:          Six 5 inch DP; twelve 40 mm;       
               eleven 20 mm          
Torpedoes:     ten 21 inch in two mounts

Subject: Maybe you cn help me for my Father...
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999
From: Gerhard Elwert

Hello, and thanx for posting sites like this for people like my father, Gerhard Elwert.

My father served during the Korean war on a Destroyer ship called the USS Witek DD 848. He was enlisted from August of 1948 to July of 1952.

Just the other day he asked me to pull up the Witek web site for him. My father has always shown a intrest in history and things since past in his personal life. My father has just turned 70 yrs old and seems to be looking for fond memories from his youth and his Navy days if you help me to locate information on former crew members or collectable information for my father during the time he was enlisted that would be greatly appreciated. It would put a smile on my fathers face. Thank you for your assitance in this matter.

P.S. My father received some information about a reunion of former shipmates that
is supposed to take place, I believe this summer in the Carolina's, I think???
Would you have any information about this reunion?? If you do could you please send
it to this E- Mail address ?? This is only a temporary E- Mail address for me..

Subject: Attn: Witek EDD 848 or reunion
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 18:47:39 -0600
From: "Fernandes" 
To: Destroyers Online

My Dad served aboard the Witek during the Korean War and is active in the
Tin Can Sailor Org.  He is also active in planning reunions and would love
to hear from shipmates.  Contact me at 
"" for details.

Russ Fernandes Jr.

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