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Contributed by: Roy Lanes
CDR Max Stormes, C.O. USS Preston
Killed in action November 16, 1942
Battle of Savo Island

“Iced in” at Norfolk, Va in January, 1966
Submitted by Colin Benporath R.A.N. (1960 – 1972)
Taken from HMAS Hobart

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Photo 008 Hi Mark, I tried to use the web form to upload the photos when I registered as a retired crewman but could not find a way to do it. Use the two photos attached as I just included this one at age 76 so you could see the full evolution of a sailor, HI. I did'nt see any of WWII as I got out of boots at Great Lakes around the end of May 45 and caught the Stormes at Hunters Point drydock in San Francisco in June 45 where she was undergoing repairs from a kamikazi attack at Okinawa. I departed the Stormes in May of 1946 when I went into the inactive reserves until February 1949 when I returned to active duty as a stationkeeper at the Naval Air Station Lincoln Nebraska, my home town where I became involved with the training of aviation reservists, called weekend warriors, for the next twenty some years. My regards and respect to those who saw combat. Irvin (Irv) Pivonka ATC-E7 USNR retired.

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