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More Photo's:

1944 Fox after Launching

1944 Officers at commissioning

1944 26 December 1944 The Crew at Commissioning, Todd Shipyard, Seattle, Washington

1945 Ens. Fleming & his son

1945 Fox under attack near Okinawa

1945 The Fox's first battle, and the Pacific War's final campaign. was at Okinawa, 300 miles south of the Japanese home Island of Kyushu.

1945 May 17, 1945 Five attacking planes splashed. First true bearing approximate, others unknown and only relative due to high speed (above 30 knots) and radical turns.

1945 Damage to Mt 1

1945 Enroute San Diego, California to New York City via the Panama Canal for a Navy Day celebration. Note the large searchlight forward of the No 2 stack and the third quad 40mm mount where the after quintuple torpedo tube mount used to be. There are twin 20-mm mounts high on the port side of No 2 stack and also below the bridge, where the Mark 11 Hedgehogs will later would go.

1945 (Envelope Navy Day) The Fox was present in New York City on Navy Day October 27, 1945 when President Truman reviewed the U. S. Fleet.

1946 Fox refueling from USS Wisconsin, with Admiral Leahy observing

1946 Fox alongside USS Leyte, near Cuba.

1946, Crossing the Equator

1947 Fox in Venice, Italy undergoing emergency repairs of damage caused when she struck a world war 2 mine on Sept 29, 1947 while en route to Trieste. Note the distortion of the stern. The explosion wrecked the steering gear and severely damaged both of the screws and their shafts. All of the compartments aft and the after deckhouse were flooded. Three were killed, twelve injured. THE Fox had to be towed to Boston, Mass where the entire stern was replaced. Repairs were completed on 8 June 1948.

1947 The Fox DD-779 departing Venice, Italy on 29 September 1947 en route to Trieste. Later that day she struck an old world war 2 mine, severely damaging the stern. Three were killed, twelve injured. Emergency repairs were made in Venice but the ship had to be towed to Boston, Mass where the entire stern was replaced. Repairs were completed on 8 June 1948

1947 Progress of work up to 15 Oct 1947. Frame 200 looking athwartship starboard side.

1947 Port side aft of frame 170 showing new plating, doublers and external stiffening in way of buckle. Italy 1947

1952 Cdr. James A. Dare, USN, C.O. U.S.S. Douglas H. Fox DD 779. Commanding Officer during the Korean activities 1952-1953. Retired From the Navy, 1970, as a Rear Admiral, Died 1988, at 72.

1951 - 53 Tom (Windy) Sherman RMSN, 1951-1953

1952 San Diego, January 1952: On the way to Korea. Courtesey of Richard Engelmann

1952 A view from the bridge of the Fox DD-779, desert, dhows and destroyers. DESRON 261 transited the Suez Canal in July 1952 while en route from Aden to Port Said, Egypt after an action Filled deployment in Korean waters. A day later the Canal was closed to foreign navies when Lt. Col. Gamal Abdel Nasser overthrew Kin Farouk. Other ships in the Division: USS Laffey DD-724, USS James C. Owens DD-776, and the USS Lowry DD-770 Photograph by Andy Wilde FOX 1952-54

1952 Map of Korea area

1952 Doran's Raiders, the Whaleboat Raiding Party of the Douglas H. Fox DD-779 in May 1952 in the Sea of Japan: (L to R) Frank Moscaritolo, SN (Bow Hook), Shep Shepherd, SN (Coxswain), Red Rathmann, QM3, Jerry Alaburda, RMS, ROK Ensign Koo, LT jg Dill Doran (O-in-C) and (kneeling) George "Wansa" Smith, GM3.

1952 13 May 1952 Returning to the Ship with four North Korean refugees. Fox crew are Shep Shepherd, Coxswain, Red Rathmann, QM3, Al Lindsey, MM2, LT jg Bill Doran, Frank Moscaritolo, Bow Hook. Photo by Andy Wilde, Fox 1952-54

1952 The Fox replenishes her supply of 5" projectiles in the Sea of Japan 1952. 8500 rounds were fired while in Korean waters. Photo by Andy Wilde, Fox 1952-54

1952 May 1952 North Korean prisoners debark from the Fox in Wonson Harbor. Total captured 120. Total sampans 29. Photo by Andy Wilde, Fox 1952-54

1952 R.O.K. Navy YMS 504 operated with the Fox off Nan-do Island, a base for 25 R.O.K. Rangers and an American advisor. Photo by Andy Wilde, Fox 1952-54

1952 May 1952, R.O.K. Rangers base on Nan-do Island. Photo taken by Shelby Martin RdM3 with Ron Zuke SoM 3

1952 May 1952, R.O.K. Ensign Ku Un-Soh departs the Fox at Yokosuka, Japan. Ensign Ku was awarded the Bronze Star, for bravery while a member of the Whaleboat Raiding Party. Photo by Andy Wilde, Fox 1952-54

1962 Ben Tisa IC2, Gitmo, 1962-64

1962 LAMPS Helo hovering for (mail/personnel) transfer

1962 Mess Decks, 1962 - 65

1964 The Fox refueling at sea, and a breeches bouy transfer at the same time, 1964.
(Picture taken with an Argus Matchmatic 35 mm camera.)

1965 Andy McGinley, RM3 Taranto, Italy.

1965 Bill Connolly RM3 and Ed Rytel IC3, Naples 1965

1965 Home sweet home . . .

1965 Shower area.

1966 Bill Cosby Sr. E3, with his son famed entertainer Bill Cosby Jr., in a 1966 photo provided by Howard Longstreth, SN, who served aboard the Fox with Bill Sr. Both Bill Sr. and Howard were from Philadelphia.

1967 The Fox moored at Old Mallory Square, Key West, Florida, attracted 2,500 visitors in celebration of the Fourth of July, 1967

1967 The Fox moored at Old Mallory Square, Key West, Florida, attracted 2,500 visitors in celebration of the Fourth of July, 1967

1968 Doc Harter photo

1969 John Mackinson, Royal Air Force U.K., and his wife Jaci with the Fox plaque found by John while snorkeling in Tobruk Harbor in 1969.

1993 Ministro Portales (DD 17), formerly the U.S.S. Douglas H. Fox (DD 779) in service with the Chilean Navy from 1974 until 1998.

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