USS Lloyd Thomas
DD 764 (Gearing class)

 Richard Leonhardt at NavSource
Richard Leonhardt - at NavSource

Builder:         Bethlehem Steel, S.F.
Laid Down:  	 March 26, 1944
Launched:        October 5, 1945
Commissioned:  	 March 21, 1947
Decommissioned:  October 12, 1973
Fate:            To Taiwan 10/12/73; renamed Dang Yang.
                 Stricken 3/16/99; to be sunk as artificial 

We are seeking information on the USS Lloyd Thomas and her crews. Files and photos may be E-mailed to us and we will incorporate them into these pages.

The USS LLOYD THOMAS (DDE764) was named for LTjg Lloyd Thomas, a naval aviator who lost his life while engaged in the Battle of Midway. He was awarded the Navy Cross, "For extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty while piloting an airplane of Torpedo Squadron SIX based on the USS ENTERPRISE in action against enemy Japanese forces in the Battle of Midway on June 4, 1942. The unprecedented conditions under which his squadron launched it's offensive were so exceptional that it is highly improvable the occasion may ever recur, where other pilots of the service will be called upon to demonstrate an equal degree of gallantry and fortitude. His extreme disregard of personal safety contributed to the success of our forces and his loyal conduct was in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service."

The E-Mail:

Hello: My name is Teresa Bender and I am the daughter of the late Leon R. Boudreaux (died April 1994).

I have been pulling information off the internet about pictures and history of the Naval ships my father served aboard during his career with the US Navy, after receiving a copy of his service records.

First, the commanding officer of the USS Lloyd Thomas was Commander J. I. Cone (not C. I. Cone, as on your website) in 1947. My father received a commendation for outstanding performance of duty dated 3 June 1948 from Commander Cone (with both his signature and the signature block showing "J. I. Cone, Commander, U.S. Navy, Commanding"

My dad's rating was Seaman First Class and Seaman from 21 March 1947 to 19 June 1948 aboard the USS Lloyd Thomas.

Dad was awarded the WW II victory medal aboard the ship by her executive officer (30 Dec 47), J. P. Rizza, who was a Lieutenant Commander, USN at the time.

On 21 January 1948, the USS Lloyd Thomas (DD764) crossed the equator at Longitude 174 deg., 15' W and 0 deg. 0' latitude bound for Sydney, Australia. Crossed the 180th Meridian on 22 January 1948 (from one of my dad's Realm of the Golden dragon and Ancient Order of the Deep notations in his records). The form was authenticated by J.P. Rizza, LCDR, USN, Executive Officer.

There was also a page in his record about the USS Lloyd Thomas (and my father) completing a Good-Will cruise around the world in company with the USS Valley Forge (CV45) and USS William C. Lawe (DD763) commencing 9 Oct 1947 from San Diego, CA and returning to San Diego, CA on 11 June 1948 via the following ports: Pearl Harbor, T.H. -- Sydney, Australia -- Hong Kong, China -- Tsingtao, China -- Singapore, Malay -- Trincomalee, Ceylon -- Ras Tanura, Arabia -- Suez Canal -- Port Said, Egypt -- Gibraltar -- Tangier, Morocco -- Bergen, Norway -- Southhampton, England -- New York, NY -- Colon, C.Z. -- Panama Canal -- Balboa, C.Z. (signed by J.P. Rizza, LCDR, USN, Executive Officer of the USS Lloyd Thomas)

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Take care and best wishes to all my dad's former shipmates,


First Commanding Officer

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Many Thanks to NavSource

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