USS Drexler
DD 741 (Sumner class)

 More Drexler Information

Builder:        Bath Iron Works, Bath ME
Laid Down:      April 24, 1944
Launched:       September 3, 1944
Commissioned:   November 14, 1944
Fate:           Sunk in Action May 28, 1945

We are seeking information on the USS Drexler and her crews. Files and photos may be E-mailed to us and we will incorporate them into this page. When enough information has been assembled we will then build the ship her own section.

The E-mail:


RT2c(T) William Ora Mills- Billy This is my dad's cousin, RT2c(T) William Ora Mills- Billy, to his family and friends.

He was born and raised in Hanson, Kentucky. He was lost at sea, along with 157 of his fellow crewmen, when his ship rolled over and sank after being struck by two Kamikaze pilots during the battle of Okinawa.

I remember seeing this photo hanging on the wall of my great aunt's living room when I was a kid, but never knew the details of Billy's fate. It was recently sent to me by a family member who also provided me with the name of his ship.

Thanks for providing this space in honor of those who were lost, but never forgotten.

God bless,

Tom Wooton


Clarence Chamberlain This is my uncle, Seaman 2nd Class Clarence Chamberlain WIMBISH of Alamance County, NC. He was one of the many sailors aboard the USS Drexler who were killed in action and lost at sea.

Thank you for maintaining such a great website. I hope this bit of information helps to keep the memory alive.

Jay Burgart
Suffolk, VA


Hi Mark,

I'm seeking information about a crew member of the Grant by the last name of Steinart, GM 1/c. He came aboard my ship the USS SC 1266 in the latter part of 1944. The Grant was damaged in Oct. and why he was transferred to my SC was beyond us, must have been some kind of foul-up in the paper work somewhere along the line. He wasn't aboard for very long, maybe a month or two. Later on I ran into him on the street in San Diego in 1945, he had made Chief GM by then. Do you have any information about him? If you do I would like to get in touch with him if it is possible, he was a good guy.


Gene Brick, GM2
survivor of the USS Drexler 741

Many Thanks to NavSource

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