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Dear Mark:

I served on USS O'Brien DD-725 from Dec 1951 to Dec 1954. I was reading the "history" file on Walke, while viewing this website. For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure there is at least a partial error in Walke's history, (which I think your site probably obtained from DANFS.) I'm inserting a clip from the history file at the time of Walke's permanent repair following the 1951 mine strike:

    She made temporary repairs at Sasebo and then headed back to the United States where she entered the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in July for permanent repairs and a complete overhaul. Walke returned to the Korean combat zone in June of 1952 and resumed screening duty with TF 77 punctuated by shore bombardment missions. That combat cruise lasted until January 1953, when she arrived in Long Beach, Calif., and took up normal west coast operations. In July, the warship rejoined TF 77 off the Korean coast for another seven months of duty screening the fast carriers; but, by that time, the armistice had been signed ending the combat aspect of her duties.

All historic records of the repair noted in the above paragraph, state that Walke's repair & refitting took place at Mare Island NSY. In fact, when I boarded O'Brien for the first time in Dec. of 1951, she was undergoing major overhaul & upgrade in drydock #1 at Hunter's Point NSY, San Francisco. Walke, (with most of her port quarter open during repair,) was immediately adjacent to O'Brien in drydock #2. (These were a group of 3 small drydocks near the main, (Evans St.) gate to the yard.) Walke was still there when O'brien completed her refit and sailed for San Diego...I think it was February 1952. Walke rejoined the division a short time later.

Roy Thomas

Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 20:45:53 -0500
From: "langford"


My father Jimmie M. Reddick, was a shipmate aboard the USS OBrien DD725 during the Korean War. My father never spoke of the war or his time in the Navy. My father passed away in 1997 and I am curious about this time at sea. I am a history buff and would like to learn all I can. I am trying to find out information about a boatsin mate(not sure of spelling). I am also in search of a dry dock destroyer that is open for tourists. I have learned that the O' Brien DD 725 was engaged in a battle during the Korean War. I am also interested in obtaining a map of there voyage during this time. If you can be of any assistance please email me.

Thank You

Sue (Reddick) Langford

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