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We will gladly accept personal photos of the Walke
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Photos can be scanned at most commercial mail or copier stores.

Submitted by: Gil Stafford on behalf of the daughter of Warren Mathews
On the right, Warren Kenneth Mathews
If anyone has any information abouut these two
shipmates, please contact Gil Stafford

Submitted by: RD3 Jim Erdman
Long Beach: tied up at pier-16, at the mole

Submitted by: RD3 Jim Erdman
RD3 Jim Erdman on the Signal Bridge

 Charles T. Smith
From the 2nd Korean War Cruise book, drawn by Charles Smith

More Photo's:

Photo 002 USS Walke taken from a minesweeper in Yokosuka, Japan, June 1960. Submitted by Floyd Farrar

Photo 003 USS Walke on the Japanese Inland Sea in the summer of 1952. Submitted by: Roy C. Thomas

Photo 007 This picture is a slightly edited and colorized enhancement of the cover of the 1965 WestPac Cruise Book. Everyone that I knew, who was on board at that time, really liked this cover and I think we all identified with it. "On The Wild Side" makes reference to the Jimmy Smith version of "Walk On the Wild Side," a popular song of the times. On more that one occasion when we would pull along side a carrier to refuel, if the conditions warranted, their band would always play a rip, roaring rendition of the jazzy tune. This would result in a response involving much cheering, whistling and the waving of white hats! If you ever decide to try adding sound to one of the Walke's web pages let me know and I'll send you the Jimmy Smith - "Walk On The Wild Side," MP3. Credit for the design of the cover should be given to Bobby D Elloitt, ETR2. It was based on his Tin Can tattoo. Warren B. Franson (1965-68)

Photo 008 Submitted by: Warren B. Franson

Photo 010 My father, John Wilband, served as a Fire Control Technician aboard the USS Hubbard and was a avid photographer all his life. I've recently came across a number of boxes containing color slides from his service in the Korean War. Aattached are two slides that document the event with the USS Walke on June 12th. The first is of a boat from the USS Walke pulling along side the USS Hubbard with causalities. . . . . David Wilband

Photo 011 . . . . The second shows the USS Walke listing port from the damage sustained from a mine. David Wilband

Photo 012 My dad Mervyn T Howell Served on the Walke in the mid '50s. He passed in May and I kept this photo he had from 1956 (that's what it says on the back). Hope it's helpful.
Jeff Howell
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