USS Wallace L. Lind
DD 703 (Sumner Class)

Contributed by: Clare Brucker
When the Wallace L. Lind returned to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on February 27, 1971 she was welcomed with a traditional lei made by a group of the Lind crew’s wives and sweethearts. I understand this was something of an honor for the ship, and it was certainly an honor for all of us on shore to be involved in the construction of this welcome home gift. Clare Brucker

Builder:        Federal Shipbuilding, Kearny NJ
Laid Down:      February 14, 1944
Launched:       June 14, 1944
Commissioned:   September 8, 1944
Decommissioned: December 4, 1973
Fate:           To South Korea December 4, 1973. 
                Renamed Dae Gu. 

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Launched on June 14, 1944, USS WALLACE L. LIND (DD 703) became a vital unit of the Pacific Fleet during World War II. LIND sailed into Tokyo Bay as temporary flagship of Task Force 38 two weeks after the "ceased fire", having steamed over 100,000 miles, rescued eight pilots, slink thirteen mines, damaged twelve enemy planes, and shot down four.

In September, 1950, LIND supported the United Nations Forces in Wonsan Harbor, Korea.

During the years 1952 to 1958, LIND completed four tours with the LJ. S. Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean and Northern European areas. This was followed by operations with the Atlantic ASW Hunter Killer Forces in August of 1959, and participation in NATO exercises in September, 1960.

In October, 1961, the Chief of Naval Operations announced the presentation of the Marjorie Sterret Battleship Fund Prize Award to WALLACE L. LIND for winning the Squadron Excellence Awards for all departments as well as the Battle Efficiency "E" from Destroyer.

In 1963, a trip to the Northern Atlantic was interrupted by the tragic loss of the USS THRESHER (SSN 593) as LIND joined the search for the lost submarine.

The outstanding performance and readiness of WALLACE L. LIND are reflected in the fact that she won the Destroyer Squadron TWO Excellency Award for Battle Efficiency for fiscal years 1965 and 1966, the Operations Department Excellency Award for four years-1962-65, and the Engineering Department Excellency Award for four years" 1963-66.

LIND started the 1967 year with a deployment to the Mediterranean Sea in January. And conducted Exercises with the Italian, French, and Spanish Navies. Upon returning to Norfolk in Mid-February, after a short deployment to the Carribean, extensive preparations were begun for the ship's forthcoming deployment to the Western Pacific. After a long deployment in support of U. S. Operations in Vietnam.

LIND returned to the East Coast, at this time she became a permenant member of the U.S. First Fleet in the Pacific, her new home port. being Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Once in Pearl, LIND took part in general readiness exercises with various units of the First Fleet in preparation for another deployment to the Western Pacific. Departing Pearl Harbor on 12 August 1970, LIND embarked upon a six month WESTPAC Cruise as a member of the U. S. Seventh Fleet.

During this deployment LIND saw action at Yankee Station and on the Gun-Line of the coast of Vietnam. While steaming on Yankee Station, LIND received word that she would again be changing home ports-this this time to Portland, Oregon.

LIND returned to Pearl Harbor on 26 February 1971, and after a post WESTPAC "stand-down" period, followed by additional training exercises, she departed for Portland on 25 July 1971, to become a member of Destroyer Squadron 37.

Arriving in Portland on 4 August 1971, LIND assumed duties as a unit of the Naval Reserve Force responsible for training of Naval Reservists from the Western United States.

Contributed by: Clare Brucker
February 27, 1971

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