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We will gladly accept personal photos of the Hank
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Photos can be scanned at most commercial mail or copier stores.

Contributed by his daughter-in-law
FT3 Jack A. Carroll, 1953

I am sending this photo of the USS Hank for my father, Gerald E. Moore (SOM 2/C), who joined the Hank in New York in 1944 and sailed on her till 1946. Location and date of photo is unknown but it does show some hard wear on the hull so my Dad thinks it may have been at anchor at Ulithi. The picture was framed at his discharge and has his ribbons and the ship's battle stars along the bottom of the frame.


James Moore at

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I'm out here in North Dakota visiting my uncle, who was on the Hank. I bumped into your web site and asked if he'd like to be listed (which he now is), whether he'd like to get in contact with shipmates (which he does) and whether or not he'd like to submit some of his photos (which he does). I got several of his photos scanned and placed on a disc, which I'll take back with me to California tomorrow. I'm pinging you here to see if this is the place to email you the photos. Let me know how many you'd like me to send and what you might be most interested in.

My uncle was very impressed with your site and appreciative of all the work you've done. I hope your new computer upgrade is serving you well.

Yours sincerely,
Phil Stillman, from Silicon Valley
Nephew of Carl V. Bloomquist, Devils Lake, ND

More Photo's:

Photo 002 Invitation to a dual launching(DD 701 & DD-702) Contributed by: Frank Lamendola

Photo 004 Commissioning Invitation Contributed by the nephew of: Lester A. Lucht

Photo 005 Contributed by the nephew of: Lester A. Lucht

Photo 008 Hi, my name is Kim Rudd. My Dad served on the USS HANK. Here are some of his pictures dated 1959. One is of the USS HANK ballteam with names written. Another is of my Dad as the catcher in a game.

Photo 009 Same contributor as Photo 008

Photo 012 Sent from Phil Stillman, Nephew of Carl V. Bloomquist

Photo 013 Sent from Phil Stillman, Nephew of Carl V. Bloomquist

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