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World War II Officers

Bruce Patten, served on the USS Wren (DD568)
from its commissioning until the end of the war.
Dale Sporleder

Joe Burgum's grandson asked me to send these photos since they had
more than one person in each. All are identified in the first photo,
left to right: Lowell R. Clark, Alfred A. Whittaker,
Joey B. Burgum

. . only Joe (with the pipe) is identified in the second.

More Photo's:

Photo 003 Wren preparing to tie up at Rota Spain January 1962.

Photo 004 Summer 1957 Northfolk VA.

Photo 006 "FOOTBALL CHAMPS" 1957

Photo 009 Under Way 1957

Photo 010 New York 1956

Photo 012 Found the above photo, believe it was taken some time in 1960, "High-line transfer between the Howard D. Crow (DE 252) and the Wren." John Simonet

Photo 015 I was going through my late husbands things and came across a few photo's of him and some buddies. Although I do not know the names of the buddies, my husbands name was Theodore J. Manale, Jr. Based on the USS Wren Battle Ship Destroyer, I believe as a gunner, rin 1959. I have attached a photo of the guys and a news article about the Wren when it landed in Texas. I am sending you the phot but with hotmail, the article is too large to send. I hope this information will help with your site. I am very proud to be a Military wife and may they all remain safe and in GOD's hands Irma Manale

Photo 016 Contributed by the Widow of Theodore J. Manale

Photo 017 Contributed by the Widow of Theodore J. Manale

Photo 018 This photo was taken sometime between 1943 to 46 we think. The sailor standing in the 2nd row from the top and 2nd from the left is Carl H. "Red" Wedin. His daughter, Marlys gave this photo to me. Regards, PC Murphy.

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