USS Morrison
DD 560 (Fletcher class)

© Courtesy of Navsource
© Courtesy of Navsource

Builder:         Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding
Laid Down:  	 June 30, 1942
Launched:        July 4, 1943
Commissioned:  	 December 18, 1943
Fate:            Fate Sunk by Kamikaze Aircraft 
                 off Okinawa 5/4/45

We are seeking information on the USS Morrison and her crews. Files and photos may be E-mailed to us and we will incorporate them into these pages.

The E-mail:


Hello I am seeking info on Ben Lawrence Wilson 06162112, Storekeeper, Third Class, KIA may 4th 1945. He was on the Morrison.

Below is my web page explaining my project


My grandfather, Arnold Buonamano, was a gunner on the USS Morrison when it was sunk by the suicide bombers. He did survive and was given the Purple Heart. He lived to 78. I actually just finished shooting a short documentary on my grandmother and her relationship with my grandfather this past week. That's why I came across your site.



I'm definately intersted in your orgaization. On reading some of the glossary I saw where one of your members refered to Harvey Jacobs Sr. MM1/c and the referance all engine room members were lost, not quite.

My name is Art Turnbull, I was a MM3/c aboard the USS Morrison on May 5th 1945. Because of the CMM in the forward engine room I am the only survivor of either the forward or aft enginerooms. I wish I could expand on any information asked but I don't have total recall on the events of the day.

Art Turnbull

Contributed by: MSC Charles F. Mitchell (USN-Ret.)
MMC Gordon Mitchell USN-Ret. (4th from the left front row)
Anyone know the other Chiefs?

Contributed by: Harold Jacobs
My Dad Mark Jacobs Jr. (11/28/23 – 01/13/2005) is on the left (QM3) USS Newberry, APA 158; he was at Iwo Jima and Okinawa, and other hard assaults. His brother Harvey Jacobs Sr. (11/24/21 – 11/23/79) on the right, was on the USS Morrison (MM1). When the Morrison was sunk my dad learned that all the engine room crew was killed. For a month he said he would go to a place by himself to cry for his brother,…then one day received a letter from Harvey stating, “My ship was _________." The word “sunk” had been cut out. Harvey had been taken off at Midway to do some work there and missed the sailing his ship was sunk on. Both joined the Navy right after Pearl Harbor and neither one attended basic training. They were put in uniform immediately and ran picket boats in SE Alaska Waters. They used only the Tlingit language in their communications.


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