USS Boyd
DD 544 (Fletcher class)

 Courtesy of Navsource

Builder:         Bethlehem Steel, S.P., CA 
Laid Down:  	 April 2, 1942
Launched:        October 29, 1942
Commissioned:  	 May 8, 1943
Decommissioned:  January 15, 1947
Recommissioned:  November 24, 1950
Decommissioned:  October 1, 1969
Fate:            To Turkey 10/1/69, Renamed Iskenderun.
                 Scrapped in 1981

We are seeking information on the USS Boyd and her crews. Files and photos may be E-mailed to us and we will incorporate them into these pages.

The E-Mail:



I just published a website about my dad, Cmdr. Albert George Fenley. I hope you might look at it and let me know what you think. I'm also inviting webmasters who control websites about the ships he served on to link to this site. I've linked dad's site to site of the destroyers he served on.

I would really appreciate your feedback. Here are a few specific questions:

  1. Can you identify anyone in the photographs on the photo page called "crew"? Identifications are missing on many of the photos. I would like to be able to identify the men pictured. Most of the "talent show" photos are from my dad's collection. He only had last names of the men. Verne Nielsen provided the photograph of my father singing on board the Walton and I uploaded it in hopes that someone from the ship would be able to identify the sailor playing the guitar. I'd like to note that I did ask Jack Stewart if I could use the painting of the Sicard that hangs above his mantle.... and he said yes. Thanks Jack.

  2. I'd like your reaction to my father's Oct. 18, 1953 letter to relatives of the men who served on the ship, I published most of the letter... but it is a bit longer, going on to talk about the availability of religious services on board, etc. I would like to know if such communication to the families of men on board Navy ships was a common thing done by skippers.

  3. If you have comments you would like me to put on the site, please let me know. I am sure many of you have important insights as well as memories. I have appreciated communication from many of you already but I did not quote you on the site. I won't without your permission. I believe the only liberty I have taken is to print part of the letter that Verne Nielsen gave me because it was a general letter directed to many... and it was written by my father.

Again, I am hoping that this site can spark some more communication about the 16 years my father served in the US Navy.

Linda Joy Fenley

Here's the site address:

Taken by an unknown shipmate
I have what I think is a small group of Photo's taken from the deck of your ship. At least I saw #544 "the Boyd" on top of forward mount, I think these were all taken during a fueling operation back in WWII. I was crewman on USS St. Louis CL-49 at the time. I issue a newsletter to what is remaining of our crew. People send me picture. Don't really know where these pictures came from. Some widow may of sent them to me. This happens. They possibly could of come from a crewman off the Boyd, who later was transferred to St. Louis or visa versa.

If you are interested, I will scan them and forward to you, then if you want them I will mail the originals to you. Some good shots, taking fuel from seagoing tanker, some shots of other ships receiving fuel, carrier etc. Brings back old memories to me. I was a deck seaman, later a GM in 6" turret. Refueling was a real work day, lots of seaman ship. I enjoyed the Navy. Now 80 yrs. of age. I was in 1944 to 46, on the cruiser, 1951 to May 52 on CV 36 Antietam operating Korea.

Best regards,

Jack R. Jones

More Photo's:

Photo 003 Refuelling. Taken by an unknown shipmate Submitted by: Jack R. Jones

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