USS Isherwood
DD 520 (Fletcher class)

 Courtesy of Navsource
Courtesy of Navsource

Builder:         Bethlehem Steel, S.I., NY 
Laid Down:  	 May 12, 1942
Launched:        November 24, 1942
Commissioned:  	 April 12, 1943
Decommissioned:  February 1, 1946
Recommissioned:  April 5, 1951
Decommissioned:  September 11, 1961
Fate:            To Peru October 8, 1961 - renamed 
                 Almirante Guise; Stricken 1981

We are seeking information on the USS Isherwood and her crews. Files and photos may be E-mailed to us and we will incorporate them into these pages.

Subject: USS Isherwood DD 520
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003
From: Jim Kelly


I thought I would share the night the capt saved the Isherwood and crew from a disaster at sea.

USS Isherwood Westpac Cruise ( 1959-1960 ? )
Commander O'Connell was capt.

We were steaming in circle formation. The carrier USS Kearsarge was the flag ship. I don't remember how many DD's were in the formation. I knew that our relative position from the flagship was 230 deg. I was the SM on midwatch and was aware that a maneuver message from the flag ship was eminent about 2am. We were steaming at darken ship condition so our nancy gear was powered up. I was at my station alert and ready for any incoming message. 2am came and went and no signal from the carrier. I don't recall how much past 2am it was when Capt O'Connell came on deck and with great authority yelled "I have the conn, left standard rudder, all ahead flank." He came up to me and verbally laid into me good. I don't recall to this day what he said to me. I do know I was scared to death.

I don't know all the details that are put into play during those exercises. I do know the Capt was in his cabin because when he took the conn he was wearing his boxer shorts, bare foot and wearing his hat. Some how he knew our ship was in grave danger and on a collision course with the carrier. After many anxious hours ( especially for me ). We received an apology from the flagship. Some how the SM's on duty skipped the Isherwood???

It could of been the end of the Isherwood and her crew that night.


Whaleboat Race, Contributed by: SM3 Jim Kelly (1958-60)
12/18/60: Back row left to right - Kvasnikoff, Jones, Jim Kelly,
Front row, May, Nutt, Berroth

Courtesy of: Phil Horn (ET3, 1952-54)
Isherwood docked Kavalla Greece June 1953

More Photo's:

Photo 004 I wonder if this is the Edwards that is listed on crews list??? Contributed by: Jim Kelly SM3, (1958-60)

Photo 005 John J. Bujanowski Contributed by: Jim Kelly SM3, (1958-60)

Photo 006 Early 1961: GM's and FT's, Pier 1 32nd Street, San Diego. Contributed by: Lloyd Fries FTG3, (1959-61)

Photo 007 63 GFCS 1960-61: Robert Finsland, Ron Blocher, Teniro Flores (Taco) Contributed by: Lloyd Fries FTG3, (1959-61)

Photo 008 WesPac 1960: Midway or Buckner Bay Contributed by: Lloyd Fries FTG3, (1959-61)

Photo 009 MK 56GFCS: Dematti & John Gibson. Contributed by: Lloyd Fries. (John provided the pictures [7, 8, & 9] I recetly sent.)

Photo 010 WesPac 1960: Formosa Patrol. Heavy Seas. Provided by John Gibson by way of Lloyd Fries FTG3, (1959-61)

Photo 011 1960-61: Mark La Franche, TM (left) and John Gibson FT
Courtesy of: Lloyd Fries FTG3, (1959-61)

Photo 013 Crew members on guided tour of the Acropolis Athens Greece May 31, 1953 Courtesy of: Phil Horn (ET3, 1952-54)

Photo 014 Unfortunately a lot of the photos I took while aboard the Isherwood succumbed to mildew and fading. I even had a photo I took sitting on the yard arm looking forward. Captain was pissed when he saw me up there. Alas, not much left, but here is one more of some 5 crew enjoying a day at the Cannes beach summer of 53. Cannot remember the names of the 3 on the left. On the right above that's me. Far right is Williams ET1, my boss at the time. Best regards, Phil Horn

Photo 015 September, 1953: While docked in Minorca, Spain (The middle Island off the Spanish Coast) we had an open gangway for visitors. So a buddy and I had a couple of local ladies come aboard for a tour. You can make out the Isherwood ship's plaque behind my hat. Don't you think my date was the better looking one? Best regards, Phil Horn P.S. I have found some crew pictures dating back to a 1954 Gitmo shakedown cruise. Most of the names escape me but I can send them if you wish.

Many Thanks to NavSource

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