USS Conway
DD 507 (Fletcher class)

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Builder:        Bath Iron Works, Bath Me.
Laid Down:  	November 5, 1941
Launched:       August 16, 1942
Commissioned:  	October 9, 1942
Decommissioned: 6/25/46
Recommissioned: November 8, 1950
Decommissioned: (?)
Fate:           Stricken 11/15/69; Sunk as 
                target 6/26/70

We are seeking information on the USS Conway and her crews. Files and photos may be E-mailed to us and we will incorporate them into these pages.

The E-mail:


Hi, My name is Beth. My Great Uncle-in-law was aboard her in WW2 for 5yrs. I'm trying to get info for my Husband Carl. My Father and Brother were also Navy.. My Dad was on the USS IOWA during WW2. And he was in Tokyo Bay. I have a $5 yen signed in ink pen by some of his ship mates. September 5th 1945, if I'm not mistaken. I belong to the USS IOWA Veterans Association out of Washington State. But back to the matter at hand. The name I'm looking for is as follows : Aldo Verneris from Jamestown, RI. He was aboard her for 5yrs. And I would like to have some feed back from " some professionals ".

Thank you for ALL you are doing. Please don't think you are not thought of each and EVERY DAY..... May God Bless you ALL and keep you ALL SAFE FROM HARM ............. Beth Verneris If anyone wants to write.PROUD NAVY BRAT !!!!!!


I was a member of the crew of the Conway from the autumn of 1964 until May 29, 1966, when I threw the last line off the pier as it left for Vietnam. As a Lieutenant, I had helped get it through ORI at Gitmo, but my time was up and I left for law school at George Washington University.

I'm in touch with a number of the other crew, through the Conway association, so I'll try to alert them to the existence of this web site.

William J. Bonner,
3547 East Mackay Drive
Meridian, ID 83642-3096


From: Henry Powers

The Conway and the Cony were built at the Bath Iron Works, Bath. Me.,and they were launched on the same day, August 16, 1942. They were the only double launching in the history of the BIW. My Father (Henry M. Powers) was Assistant Foreman of the Pipe Shop at that time, and he later became Forman. In 1957 I became Chief Engineering Officer of the Conway.

Keep up your good work.

Many Thanks to NavSource

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