USS Maury
DD 401 (Gridley Class)

courtesey of: Lindy MacManiman
1939 Calander Photo
Submitted by the niece of Edward Richard ("Red") MacManiman

Laid down:      March 24, 1936
Launched:       February 14, 1938
Commissioned:   August 5, 1938
Decommissioned: October 19, 1946
Fate:           Scrapped, 1946

We are seeking information on the USS Maury and her crews. Files may be e-mailed to us and we will incorporate them into these pages.

The Gridley Class as Constructed

Displacement:  1,590 tons (2,219 tons full load) 
Length:        340 feet, 10 inches 
Beam:          35 feet, 10 inches 
Draught:       12 feet, 9 inches 
Performance:   50,000 shp for 38.5 knots 
Bunkerage:     525 tons
Range:         6,500 nautical miles at 12 knots 
Guns:          four 5 inch; four .5 inch MG 
Torpedoes:     sixteen 21 inch 

The E-mail:

Subject: USS Maury DD401
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004
From: Raymond Gamma


My brother, GM3/C Daniel G. Gama served on the U.S.S. Maury DD 401 from late December 1941 through to the end of WWII. I have tried to add his name to the Maury's Crew List but the Crew List form does not list the Gridley Class destroyers so I can't add his name to the list. There were only four Gridley Class destroyers. I appareciate any help you can give me on getting his name on the Maury's crew list.

My brother Daniel passed away on March 14, 1998 and believe me, he was really proud of his service on the Maury. The Maury was one of the most decorated ship in the Pacific. The Maury earned 16 battle stars and a Presidential Unit Citation. My brother received a Bronze Star for bringing down an emeny plane with a 20 MM before it could hit his ship.

His daughter, my niece, has a picture of him and the first chance I get I will scan it in a "jpg" format and email it to you if you like.

Raymond Gamma

P.S. His last name had only one "m" and mine has two "m". So list his name with just the one (Gama)..

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