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Former crewmembers, or families and friends thereof, are invited to email the members name, rank or rate, contact information and the years they were on the ship. Photos or text documents (*.txt) will also be accepted if of reasonable length.

Lans and Billy Wilson

Died serving their country
when their ship, the
USS Jarvis DD-393
was sunk at Guadalcanal,
August 9, 1942.

March 21, 2004

A photo of my uncles, Lans and Billy Wilson, lost aboard the USS Jarvis. Lans has a memorial plaque at the Manila American Cemetery but have not found one for Billy. Billy was what he preferred and I'm told the name he always used but his birth name was Osbern Wilson. I understand from her that they were both on-board the USS Jarvis during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Dori Johnson


Information For
Walter A. Bain

Sat, 13 Mar 2004

My father, Walter A. Bain, Jr., RMC/USN, 3931837, was on board Jarvis (Bagley Class) 10/27/1937 until 04/1938. He would be interested in speaking or corresponding with anyone who was on board prior to her loss at Guadacanal. Is their a list of personnel lost with Jarvis?

He can be reached by mail at:

    23223 26th Ave. S.,
    Des Moines, Wa 98198
    or by telephone at 360-878-3557.

Russell Bain


Seeking Information On
Ross Deighton Smith

March 10, 1999

Dear Catherine,

My name is Bernie Mulheran. I live in Brisbane, Australia.  I hope you can help me find out some information about a wonderful young man named Ross Deighton Smith.  He was a crewman onboard the ill fated Jarvis, a sailor whom my sister once loved.  I was only seven years old when I last saw Ross, but his memory still lives my eyes.

Is there anyway you could find out if any of his family is still alive as my brothers and sisters who are much older than I am were lucky to see Ross a lot more than I did.

My sister married another U.S. serviceman and died in Bath Penna in 1963.

Yours faithfully,

Bernie Mulheran


Arturo Gastelo Jacobo
Seaman 2/c

Died serving his country
when his ship, the
USS Jarvis DD-393
was sunk at Guadalcanal,
August 9, 1942.

He was 17 years old.

July 30, 1999


I found your site extremely helpfull. My mother-in law's brother was
stationed aboard the USS Jarvis when it sunk, and they never had any
information on what happened.

When I found your web site, I immediately printed the history and
gave it to her.  I live in Las Vegas, she in Phoenix. When she read it, she
started crying. Her family never had the real date of his death, nor did
they know what happened. She asked me to please get her a list of all the people on the ship. I have been unable to do so, as I cannot find it. If you can help, I would appreciate it very much. The serviceman's mother is still alive, (she is 91), and would very much want this info.  I am giving you all the information I have on this person. Hopefully, it'll help you, and you can add his name to your list, in case you don't have it already.

NAME: Arturo Gastelo Jacobo (May have gone by the name Arthur Jacobo)
NICKNAME:"Turi" (Called this by family member's)
BIRTHDATE: 1925 in Phoenix, AZ
CERTIFICATE #: N-987-890
ASN#: 680-02-87
REPORTED MISSING: September 22, 1943
REPORTED DEATH: July 2, 1945
DATE JOINED THE USS JARVIS: Joined the ship when it was in San Fransisco for overhaul

I hope this information is helpful. This is all I have been able to find
out. If you can help me in any way, I would appreciate it! I hope to hear from you.

Arcangelo Cocco

Note from the Webmaster:  The Cocco family was given information on how to send for service records and medals.  Sailors sent letters home.  Do you know anything more about Arturo?


Killed in Action
Henry Tillett Raissle
Pharmacist's Mate 1/c

August 15, 1999

My brother, Henry Tillett Raissle was Pharmacist's Mate First Class on the USS Jarvis when it was destroyed.  I am interested in locating any relatives of the crew.  

Nan Koerner

(Note from Webmaster: Nan does not have e-mail.  If you would like to contact her, this webmaster will send your e-mail to her by US Post and let her contact you personally.) 


Killed in Action
Earl McKee

September 13, 1999

My uncle Earl served on the USS Jarvis when she went down in 1942.  My father told me about what happened to this ship and that all hands were lost many, many years ago. My brother was in town to visit Dad and we got to talking about the ship and what had happen. He asked me to go online to see if there was any information about its last days.  We have some old photos of my uncle that I will have to ask my father to dig out and see if there are any of him on this ship.

It is a shame that not any of her crew made it out alive.  My uncle was the second son in a family of five children.  My father William was the first son, then uncle Earl, and then three sisters, Margaret, Lillian, and Lucy.  I am the second son in a family of six, William, Jr., Thomas, Lorraine, Timothy, Ann, and Nancy.   We all loved when Dad would tell us stories about him and Earl growing up.   They had a great friendship as brothers, and my father said that the news of his brother death was one of the biggest pains that he has ever endured.

Thanks for letting me write a little something to you, and hope to have some pictures for you to put on the Jarvis web page.

Thomas Earl McKee


Killed in Action
Richard Barlett

Thursday, October 14, 1999

My mother's beloved brother, Richard Bartlett, was one of the sailors on the ill fated Jarvis.  Mom is still living in upstate N.Y. and retains my uncle's medals. Dick and my mother were especially close, and my mother wanted to name me after him when I was born in November of 1948, being the oldest male born to her and dad. My father was concerned that naming me Richard would not be psychologically sound, so they compromised and named me Roderick instead, but I have always gone by Rick.

I am sorry I don't know my uncle's rank, etc.

I called my mother and read her the report of how the Jarvis was sunk, and she was truly grateful for the information. This is the most info she had ever received and as she said, "His death (Uncle Dick's) and the circumstances and the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the ship have haunted me for years."

Mom said the government never contacted the family when the full story became known. A few years ago someone gave Mom a newspaper article that stated the Japanese thought the Jarvis was an English ship.

She asked that I print your info and send it to her which I did.

Thanks Catherine.

Rick Weaver


Killed in Action
George Keyes

November 1, 1999

My best friend, George Keyes, was lost on the Jarvis.  We both came from Michigan, did boots together, school in San Diego, and decided on destroyer duty after school.  He got the Jarvis, I got the Mugford; it could have been the other way.

Frank Duzick, Sr. 


Killed in Action
Arthur "Donald" Blackrud, Fireman 1/c

Donald joined the USS Jarvis on December 10, 1941.  He was transferred from the USS West Virginia, which he had been on at Pearl Harbor.

Born in Seattle, he grew up in Anacortes, WA.  He was a wonderful son and brother.   He loved to ice and roller skate.

His sister, Elaine Swan, would love to hear from other family members and friends of the Jarvis crew. 

February 3, 2000


Killed in Action
Clyde Poe, Fireman

March 8, 2000

Dear Elaine Swan,

My name is Bruce Clyde Eastman.  My mother's brother and my uncle, Clyde Poe, was on the Jarvis with your brother when it was lost at sea.  I am writing to you because my uncle was also a fireman and also served on the West Virginia during the Pearl Harbor attack.  In all likelihood, Donald and Clyde were friends.

I never met my uncle; yet, he has been a part of my life since the day I heard his name.  His loss has carried a painful history in my family as I'm sure Donald's has with yours.  And though I don't know exactly why it is I'm writing to you, here I sit trying to understand why it is that I'm nearly in tears about a man I never knew.

Clyde was married a few months before leaving for Pearl Harbor on the West Virginia.  This past October, I visited his widow who had kept in touch with my grandmother and my mother even after she remarried. We had a wonderful visit.  And somehow it seems important that I found out that he liked to dance, for instance, and other personal stuff that my mother and grandmother couldn't tell me.

Even finding this web page about destroyers seems a mystery--as if the collective spirit of all the dead of that war is still insisting that they be acknowledged and heard--that it is important that we take the time to think of them.

Sincerely, Bruce Clyde Eastman  


Killed in Action
Peter Millen

May 30, 2000

I'm searching for any information you may have on Peter Millen. He was my mom's brother and he was killed long before I was born. I'm sorry that I can't give you any information other than his name. The only thing I do know is that his name is on our WWII memorial here in Omaha Neb. I don't have it, but recall when I was young my mom showing me a letter from the President saying that he was missing in action and presumed dead. My mom passed away 23 years ago, and I know she always wondered if he was so horribly hurt that they just told her he was dead. He served on the Jarvis, and I can't tell you how many times she would say that she had an intuition that he was alive after the ship was bombed. I was born in 1952, and any information you can find for me about him will be greatly appreciated. I don't know what rank he was and the only picture of him some other family member has. 

Sincerely, Sharon Papek

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