USS McDougal
DD 358 (Porter Class)

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Builder:        New York Shipbuilding
Laid Down:      December 18, 1933
Launched:       July 17, 1936
Commissioned:   December 23, 1936
Decommissioned: 6/24/46 
Fate:           Stricken August 15, 1949

We are seeking information on the USS McDougal and her crews. Filesand photos may be emailed to usand we will incorporate them into this page. When enough informationhas been assembled we will then build the ship her own section.

The E-mail:


I am writing on behalf of my grandfather,

My grandfather, Fon Adkins, was a hero of mine. He passed on a short time ago and I still yern for his love and support. I am now 26 years old and aspire to be a man that my grandfather can be proud of. I often think of the times we used to sit and talk in the hot Kentucky sun of his days in the Navy. At the time there were many questions I wanted answeres to, but only got the information he wanted me to have. I now understand why this could have been.

I served for four years in the Army and was injured in the line of duty. I have witnessed executions, artillery fallout, AP mines, and general face-to-face combat. I have watched my friends die time and again. If he had seen these same things then it is no wonder his stories were of the fun times and lasted on a short time. I do have his pictures and could possibly send them in if anyone is interested. This would take some time, but I would be willing to do it.

I was also curious to find out if anyone has pictures or stories to tell of my hero, my grandfather, Fon Adkins. It would mean so much to me to see him, again, through someone else's eyes.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Specialist Jeremy Adkins-Hill United States Army Retired




My Dad was on the McDougal. He is 85 years old now, retired professor emeritus from the University of Connecticut. I believe he was on board from Sept 1944 to March 1945 only. I asked him to tell me his story again recently, from his hospital bed following back surgery (with life threatening complications that have subsided). Actually, entering the Navy from his civilian job at the Chicago Navy Yard and getting to a shipboard post was quite a story. He had been in San Francisco while they were trying to find his ship in the Pacific. Well, let me see if I can tell him about your site and ask him to help me type something up for you.

Nathan Karnes
New Haven, Connecticut

From: Terri Stanley
Date: 97-11-03

There is a group of McDougal crewmembers who plan an annual reunion.1997 was in San Diego, information on 1998 would be available fromRobert Hango, 13751 SE 128th Avenue, Clackamas, OR 97015. Submitted byformer crewmember Roy K. Smith, crewmember 1940 and 1941.

Thank you.

Subject: McDougal DD 358
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 (up-dated e-mail address 11/06)
To: Destroyers Online

Dear Mark,

While the McDougal was HARDLY a frigate, I've not been able to get any "traffic" through to it's listed Email site.

If possible, could you forward the following to it's site, as my Uncle Hank served on her, PRIOR to the beginning of WW-II. He was on-board, when she escorted, then President Roosevelt to his mid-ocean meeting with Prime Minister Churchill, and recalls vividly the Sunday morning church service, with all men singing hymns, and he gets wet eyes, when he recalls that most of those brave British seamen lost their lives, only weeks later, when the Japanese sunk the Repulse and Prince of Wales.

He has also related stories of watching the torps' going UNDER the ship, and hitting the tankers and cargo freighters, who drew a deeper draft. THAT's WHY I'd like to put him in touch with a buddy or two, as not many of these guys are left, ya' know.


I was a Radioman, and remember those poor fellows coming alongside our Reefer (USS VEGA AF-59), to get chow and supplies... we'd always stuff as many cartons of milk as we could get into the message-pouch, that traveled over, via the phone-and-distance line, so that at least a few of you guys would have some fresh milk, for a change. The expression on the bridge was that "The guys on the Foc'sle get "sub pay", and the guys in the fantail, get "flight skins"!"

My Uncle:

Henry J. Smatla
Route 1
Meriden, Kansas 66512
Phone: (785) 484-3443

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