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Contributed by: Leslie G. Poole
In the photo of the 3 sailors, my dad (Harry Poole) is at the far left with his hands folded in front of him.

Contributed by: Leslie G. Poole
In the other photo of the sailors in front of the ship, dad (Harry Poole) is second from right with hands in back of him.

More Photo's:

Photo 002

Photo 003

Photo 005 Picture of Officers. Contributed by George E. Smith BTC (USN Ret.)

Photo 010 My grandfather, Robert Taylor, served on the Babbitt during World War II. He passed away in December 2002 and I just received a box of his photographs. Inside was a very large photo that is in horrible condition. The handwritten caption reads:

JAN 6, 1944, N.Y.

Adam C. Woehler

Webmaster note: Normally I don't post a photo this large or in this condition, but the number of sailors, their wives and/or girlfriends, dictates we post this for posterity's sake.

Photo 011 My father passed away March 11, 2009. I had never seen any of these photos before finding them in a box hidden away in his closet. He served on the USS Babbit for 7 months during 1944. My father is at far left: Frank David, Torpedoman's Mate, Third Class. His caption written in the album is: "Gun watch - 3 inch, 50 caliber Atlantic." Contributed by: Barb

Photo 012 Same as #11 (above)

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